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June 12, 2020
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Adventure is more than just heights and depths, climbing and jumping, and hills and waters. These adventure bloggers have proven that adventure can be found anywhere in any form, it only needs us to be daring dreamers.

Mark Wiens For Food Adventure

This American born, living in Thailand, is one of the most famous bloggers and vloggers in YouTube. Mark Wiens possesses a deep understanding of foods from all around the world, and continues to travel in search of authentic local cuisine. He believes there’s no better way to connect with people, than through food.

Raja Hamid For Hiking, Biking, and Climbing

Born and raised on the Lower East Side of NYC, Raja doesn’t let go of any chance of traveling for adventure. For him, sharing experiences and inspiration with a community is part of the fun, and believes in outdoors beyond parks. Explore the adventures in Raja’s blogs and be inspired to get outdoors to seek out a different part of the world.

Kristin Addis For Solo Travel Advice

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kristin Addis is a world traveler, travel writer, and blogger, and has been writing about her experiences since 2012. Kristin is a solo traveler, and a full-time adventure seeker across borders and is among your go to female adventure bloggers. Vogue, Buzzfeed, the Washington Post, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, and more have sought her solo travel advice for women.

World Of Wanderlust- Brooke Saward

An inspiration to young people to travel more and to travel solo, Brooke Saward believes that solo travel can change your life and make you become more confident. She is a full time blogger, sells e-books, and created an app.

Tyson Mayr For Inspiration

Tyson Mayr, also known as “Naked Traveler”, has been wearing backpack instead of suit and tie, as he gave up his job to tour the world. He had visited 28 countries across six continents in not more than $10,000. Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Heineken, Asics and Billabong are some of the world famous brands where Tyson was featured as a model. He was also awarded the title of Chief World Explorer and winner of the Best Job in the World.

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