6 Digital Libraries You Can Visit From Home

April 26, 2020
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If you’re missing your favorite place of books, don’t you worry! Thanks to the libraries for digitization of thousands of online books and other resources. Here is a collection of the best digital libraries you can visit from anywhere:

New York Public Library

Explore more than 300000 ebooks and audio books in The New York Public Library’s online collection for free. You can even download the app and can have it handy in your phone.

Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver Public Library gives an extensive selection of popular ebooks and audio books for all ages. Browse the VPL catalogue for digital materials to read, watch, and listen.

Global Digital Library

One of the best digital libraries, Global Digital Library is perfect for children, that gives them a high quality reading and learning experience. It has reading instruction books and storybooks in languages children use and understand.

Getty Publications

Getty is dedicated to preserving and presenting world’s arts and culture. Painting, architecture, photography, antiquities, etc. are the categories of books you will get to read and download. Getty Publications has an impressive collection of art books, with more than 300 publications.

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Nautical Archaeology Digital Library

This digital library has an online collection of efficiently stored artifacts of ship remains, along its associated data and information produced by an underwater archaeological excavation. So, if shipwrecks fascinates you, the Nautical Archaeology Digital Library has it all for you.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

These thematic sub-collections of Biodiversity Heritage Library content have been designed to help users take a closer look into biodiversity related topics of interest. The library is revolutionizing global research by providing free, worldwide access to knowledge about life on Earth.

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