5 Coolest Valentine’s Day Ideas

February 2, 2020
Valentine's Day ideas romantic couple

14 February is the day most couples get officially romantic. Here we have some cool ideas that might look crazy but are absolutely romantic. Check these 5 coolest Valentine’s Day ideas for you:

1. Plan for a Bike Race

Valentine's Day ideas

Race on Valentine’s day? Sounds unconventional but I guarantee you its so much fun and has a romantic ending. This year’s Valentine’s day, get yourselves outdoors. Grab each one of your bike and set off to the nearest park or woods. Make sure not to overdo it, its a fun and romantic way to racing. Hold hands while cycling, keep smile on your faces. Nevertheless, race is a race, means there is a winner and a looser in the end. The looser has to agree to what the winner wants him/her to do. Of course, some romantic stuffs.

2. Shop for Each Other

Valentine's day idea couple exchanging gifts

You have shopped a lot for yourself and bought your favorite stuffs. But have you ever noticed the expression on your partners face when you bought him/her something of your choice? So, this Valentine’s Day, choose your favorite clothing store, and buy for each other. Try not to see what the other person has bought for you, or show what you have bought either. Surprise each other later when you reach home. Isn’t it fun?

3. A Date Down the Memory Lane

Valentine's Day ideas couple holding hands and walking

One of the coolest Valentine’s Day ideas is to refresh the moments you spent with your partner ages ago. All you need is to remember the place you had been together, for instance, restaurant, movie theater, shopping complex, park, or even the street you walked together. Spend some time there, and I’m sure you will want to talk more about those moments you spent earlier with each other. This is so refreshing and you will fall in love with each other even more.

4. Night Movie Show

Chillwall, popcorn, Valentine's Day ideas

Watching your favorite movie with your partner would be more satisfying when accompanied by a big pack of popcorn.

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5. Sing a Duet Song

Valentine's Day ideas couple singing

Pick up a romantic song of your choice that both of you like. Get a musical instrument that either of you can play. Practice some, and that is it. You are not performing to anyone but to yourselves. Sing together with the music and don’t forget to record it. You’ll have tons of fun doing it and listening to it later, and you have a cool memento.

We had some cool and cute Valentine’s Day ideas for you love birds out there. You can pick any of these, even mix up some and come up with a brilliant one. Find out some other date ideas here. The motive is to have you spend some romantic time with your beloved. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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By: Jyoti Khatri

Jyoti Khatri writes for Chillwall on fun events, fitness, lifestyle near me and around the world.

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