The Perfect Fall Date

October 9, 2019

Its Fall, the perfect time for the most memorable dates. If you are running out of date ideas or looking for something different, here are our top 5 things to do this fall. There is no shortage of events near me in any cities. We made a list of cute romantic outdoorsy date ideas for you.  Whether it is your first date or a date with your longtime partner heat things up and get ready for some budget friendly things to do dates ideas.

Things to Do

Things To Do Near Me

Our suggestions focus on date activities that help you break the ice, creating fun natural experiences without the pressure of a date. After all, the most memorable dates are about fun experiences, they are not interviews or awkward pauses. They allow us to be us while getting to discover our dates or partners again. We have also chosen budget friendly activities that are often free or near free. Why? Because your date success should not be determined by how much money you spend.

Here are some of top things to do:

Fall Fairs & Food Festivals

Fall is here you need to unplug from the busy life, get out and enjoy the taste of the street festivals. With the harvest coming in nothing is more romantic than a Fall Fair or a food festival. Its a great conversation starter and a fun way to get to now each other without any pressure. Fall Fairs and Food Festivals are the perfect excuses to explore your city, celebrate culture, and support local vendors. Each city and neighbourhood has different and unique events to offer, to slow down from the fast paced and enjoy little fun, food, live music, and entertainment for the whole family. Best of all you get some great pictures together while exploring a new part of your city or the countryside.

Things to Do

Things to Do Near Me


Whether is your first date or tenth or your anniversary, date hikes are always good idea. Finding fun dates could be a little challenge. We are going to convince you why hiking can be perfect date idea, as long as you are both at least somehow outdoor enthusiastic.

For starters, hiking can be romantic if you pick a nice spot. Gorgeous view a good opportunity to be romantic. Sometimes at the beginning of the dates it is hard to get pictures together, however standing at the top of a hill at the sunset could be a great opportunity to take selfies. Hiking dates can go progress however you wanted to. You can take as many breaks as you want and make it longer, or you can end it without being awkward. No one would get offended if you’d say your shoe is uncomfortable or you are not feeling well. Most importantly, hiking outfits are casual, it takes the pressure off when you are wearing gym outfits (as long as you dress cute). Oh and did we mention hiking is free. Your date can be fun and positive when you discover a fun place together. Here is couple of tips you need, just pick a spot/hill that is moderate and easier to climb, and don’t forget to take couple of things if you are planning to take a break, such as a blanket, snacks, water, etc. Most hiking is free or a small fee and lets face it Autumn makes for some of the most memorable Instagram pictures.

Here are a few more budget friendly things to do:

Outdoor Movies

Get ready for movie nights under the stars. Nothing beats a warm blanket and a crisp fall air. Forget your Friday night in front of TV on your coach watching Netflix. Outdoor screenings are a thing now. Why? because nothing beats an Outdoor Movies on a big screen with friends or a date.

Outdoor Concerts/Festivals

Music festivals are a great way to spend time with friends but perhaps an even better way to discover common interests with a date. You get to experience great live music, talk about what bands you would like to see, plan a fun schedule as you chose which stage to attend or just find a quite place in the field to talk. There are so many epic festivals happening every year in major cities, plan ahead, and attend one of them.

First Date

Things to Do Near Me


We tend to think a picnic only happens in the countryside, yet we forgot about all the amazing urban parks and small spaces in our city. Small urban parks can be the most romantic for a quick surprise picnic. Plan a quick cheese plate, some cold cuts or buy from your favorite Thai restaurant and bring a blanket.The best things to do are often right in front of us.  Remember, you don’t have to pack your bags and go miles away, a cheap train tickets or few hours of drive from your town will take you to the most beautiful breathtaking views. Plan a romantic spot close to your dates location. Everyday does not have to be the same day.

If it is raining, check out our recent blog top 13 museums to visit.

If you are looking for last minute weeknight things to do near you for your date, check out chillwall

Do my friends out there agree? What are your favorite outdoor date ideas? Feel free to leave your comments.

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