5 Most Beautiful Theaters Around the World

April 28, 2019

For some, a night at the theater sounds about as fun as sticking your hand in a ceiling fan. But even Andrew Lloyd Webber haters would willingly spend a few hours in these beautiful venues.

Here are 5 most beautiful theaters around the world:

The Winter Garden Theatre, Toronto, Canada


This Canadian gem is part of a double-decker theater and while the Elgin is great, it’s the Winter Garden Theatre that gets all the attention. Rightfully so, seeing as the walls are hand-painted to resemble a garden and there are actual beech boughs hanging from the ceiling.

t began as a bustling vaudeville theater but closed in 1928 when everyone got enamored with the talkies instead. The Winter Garden Theatre sat there for decades until the Ontario Heritage Trust launched a multi-million dollar restoration in 1987. They had to clean the whole place with raw bread dough to avoid damaging the original artwork on the walls, but clearly, it was worth the wasted yeast.

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Palais Garnier, Paris, France

For an idea of what you’re getting into at this opera house, just look at the bonkers ceiling. Ironically, it’s one of the newer parts of the place (Marc Chagall painted it in the ’60s) but it blends scenes from several famous operas around an opulent chandelier.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

You’ve seen the shell-like exterior, but the inside of Australia’s pride and joy is just as dramatic. The ceiling helped Jørn Utzon’s creation earn UNESCO World Heritage accolades, despite the opera house’s young age.

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Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia

n 1776, a lot of things were happening. America was becoming ‘Merica, the Illuminati was starting up, and Catherine II was granting Prince Pyotr Urusov exclusive 10-year management of Russia’s entertainment. All of it. The man decided an important first step was a theater, and so the Bolshoi was built in 1780. It’s gone through a lot of changes since then, but it’s still got the kind of swagger that would make those bitchy Anna Karenina society ladies go weak in the knees.

Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou, China

Even if your knowledge of architecture begins and ends with Ted Mosby, you probably know Zaha Hadid from her splashy sports arenas. (She built the London Aquatics Centre and Tokyo Olympic stadium.) But her firm’s been clocking in impressive work all over the globe for years. The twinkling lights and cascading tiers promise to keep you engaged.

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By Mykhailo Andriichuk

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