4 Instagram Fitness Bloggers to Get Inspired

February 1, 2019

If you want to stay motivated while doing fitness, you should always keep yourself motivated. This will strengthen your will and mental state to achieve a perfect body you always wanted. That’s why you should consider following people and celebrities that already did that. There’s nothing better than get inspiration and motivation from people that know about fitness more than anybody else.

So here are 4 Instagram fitness influencers you need to follow:

1. Jennifer Selter

Jennifer Selter lives in New York City and regularly post shares content about nutrition, workouts and lifestyle. She started her career when she was still in high school when Jennifer worked at the front desk in a local gym.

Jennifer Selter actually began her Instagram account with a purpose to help herself stay motivated. Well, in a few years she got over 1 million followers. Now, Jennifer has more than 12 million followers, her own community of like-minded people, and she inspires other people to work out. Thousands of woman post photos from their workouts with hashtag #selterings.

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2. Michelle Lewin

Michelle is one of the biggest Instagram influencers in the workout Internet-industry. 31-years old Venezuelan fitness star went from clinic worker to the most famous influencer in the fitness industry.

She motivates her followers by posting almost every day short videos of her workouts. Michelle also has her own supplement and nutrition lines as well as fitness equipment. Moreover, she launched 2 mobile apps – Fitplan and Mealplan. Fitplan is basically the guided workouts with tips and tricks and performance tracking. Mealplan was created to help you stay healthy and to complement your training.

Michelle Lewin has more than 13 million followers on Instagram.

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3. Simeon Panda

If you love fitness, most like likely you’ve already heard this name. This guy is one of the biggest Instagram stars in the fitness industry. Simeon started his fitness blog back in 2013. Now he has almost 5 million followers on Instagram.

Based in London he inspired millions of people by his training programs and short videos. He also appeared on top pages of various fitness magazines. No wonder, this guy is in top 10 fitness Instagram influencers in the world. Moreover, he owns the line for workout equipment and sportswear.

4. Joe Wicks

Initially started on Twitter he switches to Instagram later. Joe posts a lot of content about healthy eating, and how to get in shape. He’s famous for sharing tips and tricks for training and various recipes for sportsmen. Additionally, he was featured in lots of famous magazines like The Times, Cosmopolitan and The Daily Mail.

Joe Wicks has 2.5 million followers and this number is constantly growing. Check his account to get inspired for your next training!

Hope this article was useful for you. Don’t forget to follow these guys to get tons of inspiration and motivation every day!

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By Mykhailo Andriichuk

Mykhailo Andriichuk writes for Chillwall about interesting events, food, art and breathtaking places all over the world.

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