Top 5 Epic Coffee Experiences Around the World You Must Visit

October 19, 2018
Top 5 Epic Coffee Experiences

Discover epic coffee experiences while you travel the world.

Better latte than ever, am I right?

Coffee, coffee, coffee…! We all love it, and isn’t only tasty and energizing, it’s also extremely good for you.

Did you know, coffee can help you feel less tired and increase energy levels? That’s because of its caffeine content; caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotrasmitter in the brain, which has a stimulating effect. As well, studies show that caffeine improves both mood and brain function.

Coffee appears to be protective against certain liver disorders, lowering risk of liver cancer by 40%. That’s amazing news because I love coffee and I must have a cup or two a day to start my morning.

There are so many great coffee experiences around the world that you must see and the list can seem never-ending, however I have narrowed down the list to my favourite five coffee experiences:

Poop Cafe

I’m not kidding, a poop-themed cafe is located in Korea town Toronto; this is Toronto’s first toilet themed dessert bar. This poop cafe themed has literally toilet seats to urinal shaped water glasses, this toilet-themed dessert bar is like no other.

Their delicious Korean desserts & waffles and Taiwanese ice creams are served in literally toilet bowls! It’s a very cute concept with hand-drawn poop emojis all over the cafe. This cafe is so popular in Toronto that people have waited over an hour for epic coffee experiences.

Hammock Cafes

epic coffee experiences

Relax at Hammock Cafes

Cafes have evolved beyond being just a place to eat and drink coffee. It has become people’s hangout where we meet colleagues; we go on dates, work, socialize and even play games.

Hammock cafes are also part of epic coffee experiences and have become quite the theme for many cafes in Asia.

Cafes in Malaysia have a great variety of crepes , dessert and full course meals. The interior designs of these cafes are filled with hammocks, soft colours and down-to-earth feel; it makes Starbucks look too uptight and formal in comparison.

Cat Cafes

Top 5 Epic Coffee Experiences

A Must Visit: Cat Cafes

Although Japan has made cat cafes famous, the first cat cafe originated in Taiwan. Taipei Cat Cafes is well known for being the first originator of the trendy cat cafes; here you can purchase human as well kitty treats.

This fun cafe along with snuggling adorable cats lets you enjoy your favourite cup of coffee with adorable feline company that are also available for adoption.

There are many cat-cafes to choose from, these epic coffee experiences are favourites among travelers, so you already know this place is a must see when you are in Taiwan. Discover more epic coffee experiences around the world by visiting events in Taiwan on your next adventure.

Board Games Cafe

Games and coffee? Yes please! It doesn’t get better than this; it’s very tough to beat a good board game while enjoying your favorite snacks and lattes. As social life gets even more digital, more coffee shops and bars encourage face-to-face interaction.

This retro geek chic has gained a lot of popularity among epic coffee experiences, and speaks to something deeper: the need to connect with people in a public space and the need to have a meaningful interaction that doesn’t use emoticons.

Photography Cafes

Caffera, based in Manila, Philippines has a “Millennial” vibe all over it since their theme encourages taking hundreds of photos of your espresso.

This cafe uses actual real lenses; their focus is on vintage cameras and photography.

Their ambiance captures enough shutterbug vibe. People here enjoy their cafe like they enjoy their selfies and Instagram.

So make sure when in Philippines you give this cafe a visit, for more epic coffee experiences around the world make sure to check out events in Manila to include in your next bucket list

Epic Coffee Experiences at Boston

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