3 Coffee Spots that Make Boston a Coffee Heaven

June 14, 2016

We all know Boston for its rich history and sights, but to our surprise people also love this old place for a first coffee date. Here are our favorite places for a coffee in Boston

1369 Coffee House

This coffee place from the 90s promises to give the most comfortable and romantic coffee time for you. There are several varieties of coffee served here, ensuring that you will always leave satisfied. The rare thing is that 1369 does not disappoint even the tea lovers as it offers more than 25 loose leaf teas including chai tea, black tea, spice tea and the famous honey tea. 1369 is more renowned for the sentiments through which it connects to the heart of people and its romantic atmosphere, leaving you with good vibes.

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Render Coffee

Render is one of the most highly awarded coffee shops and is known among the top 50 coffee places in America. This square store with glass walls creates the most relaxing atmosphere both inside and outside, making it the perfect date location. If you get tempted by the aroma of food, don’t hold yourself back as the best breakfast sandwiches in all of Boston can be found at Render.

Thinking cup

Thinking Cup is one of the first coffee shops in downtown Boston to serve “Stumptown Coffee” and “Third Wave Coffee” products exclusively. Stumptown, originating in Portland Oregon, has actually been named “Best Coffee in the World” by NPR. This coffee shop is quite spacious and is perfect for deep talks. By the time you finish your coffee you will be amazed by the coziness that the atmosphere delivers to you.

So like they say, a lot can happen over coffee. Do not hesitate to let us know your favorite coffee spots (in Boston or all over the world!).

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Written by Sarita Dhaka


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