3 things that make Miami the most Fun Summer Destination

June 13, 2016


Miami is a hotspot for cool outdoor activities. If you are visiting this summer, here are the top 3 places and activities that you should definitely check out.

Venetian Pool

This is not like any other swimming experience. The Venetian pool is a historic public swimming pool located near Miami in Coral Gables. The style of the pool, which is built from an old coral rock quarry, is Mediterranean and is made to resemble the Italian city, Venice. While swimming in this massive pool you can enjoy a high diving platform, a grand water fall and a Venetian style bride which adds scenery. Also featured at this pool is a sandy area (if you wish to sunbathe), as well as a grotto complete with caves. The pool is one of the only freshwater pools, and is the largest freshwater pool in the country.

Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park is most certainly the Central Park of Miami. Surrounded by downtown Miami and set on Biscayne Bay, this green oasis allows visitors to relax near palm trees and sit by the lake, all without having to leave downtown Miami. Yoga classes are held in the park. If yoga is your thing, you should definitely consider these one of a kind classes that are held near the bay. The park has its own amphitheatre (the Klipsch Amphitheatre at Bayfront Park) and boarders the American Airlines Arena, so if you happen to be catching a show at either of these venues you should definitely check out Bayfront Park.

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Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is super unique for several reasons. Firstly, it is the oldest zoological type garden in Florida and is the only tropical zoo in the country. Secondly, in a Disney World style, the zoo is split into 4 differently themed sections: Asia, Africa, Amazon and Beyond and Australia. One of the most interesting things to see at this zoo is the Wings of Asia exhibit which features countless species of birds (there are over 300 rare Asian birds living here) and where you can learn about their historic connections to dinosaurs. The zoo hosts daily activities (such as a giraffe feeding exhibit) but also many temporary exhibits in a Museum style (the Amazing Animals: Build to Survive exhibit runs this summer), making it one of the most interesting places in Miami to visit.

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Written by Kent Austin


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