Have Your Best Workout Ever With These Top Workout Songs

October 17, 2018
Top Workout Songs

These top workout songs will unlock your workout potential!

If you exercise to music, you already know how key is to have the right playlist.

I find very interesting to find out that Spotify pointed a sad trend when it comes to a New Year resolution. According to the listening data, streaming of workout playlist increases in January and its peak hits around January 24, and by the end of January top workout playlists drop off dramatically.

However, if you have made your resolution stick this time, keep it up, please don’t stop! And promise me you will keep grinding past Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

With the perfect high energy blend of songs, you will feel the motivation you need to push you through any workout! Reinvent your workout with these 5 top workout songs:

Drake & Bad Bunny

Once you hear this song come on, that hill suddenly will seem doable and that extra set of push-ups is no match! Listen to Bad Bunny team with Drake for the new single MIA. This song will be a great add-on to your list, but If you aren’t into making your own playlists, Spotify will do the work, and I have also done the work for you by adding some popular top workout songs playlist below.

Cardio Workout

Music makes your smarter, stronger and healthier and sometimes getting motivated to exercise can be harder than the workout itself. I guarantee you will get motivated by listening to this electric playlist. Just press play.

Gym Workout

It helps to think of your gym time as a middle school dance; you are going to feel awkward and hug the wall until a really good song comes on. With that in mind, why don’t you refresh your library with these top workout songs playlist?

The New Workout Plan

This playlist is a must add-on to your top workout songs. Thank you Kanye West for these fresh popping moving songs (some explicit songs). These top workout songs will keep you “working it out”. Get ready to catch yourself humming through you jog, training circuit or bike practice. And don’t worry Kanye makes an appearance. These songs will make you have the best workout by the end, trust me. Find fun fitness related activities to do at events in London here!

We Control The Sound – Intense Top Workout Songs

When you are ready to move just grab these top workout songs, and make a few tracks. Don’t be surprised if you end up keeping a steadier pace while listening to these top workout songs. Did you know since music has a strong beat, it has been found to help peoples movements stay consistent during exercise. I’m kicking off winter a little early with all these top workout songs, which is full of electric upbeat tracks that I’m sure you will have on repeat until Spring. Get motivated this winter by checking out fitness events in Liverpool to keep your consistency this winter!

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