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September 7, 2018
Travel & Adventure

Every city has its own unique van life adventure waiting. The question posed to most millennials now is how do you experience this the best, most affordable way. There are the most common ways, but not always the most affordable. Hotels and Airbnbs are great, but to what extent do you forego the adventure using these modes of lodging?

Van Life Inspiration on Instagram

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Van Life Culture

The van life adventure culture provides the experience, the comfort and luxury of a movable shelter giving you access to the everyday unseen, unappreciated or unknown areas of YOUR city. As a Hamiltonian I come from a large city, with most of my growing up being on the Hamilton Mountain, my knowledge of all that encompasses Hamiltons limits is little to none. This van life culture, gives opportunity to taking an easy approach at seeing more of my own city. If you happen to be in my home city make sure to check events in Hamilton

Van Life Advice – Adventure Awaits

Van Life Adventure

Others may look at van life adventure as a means of country travel, but why not start that adventure at home? There is a notion of driving your van adventure. So start it where the journey should begin!  Then let it take you wherever it may go. Van life encourages you to enjoy the journey over the destination and once you have reached your destination, the experience doesn’t end..

Who to follow

With millennials being such digital natives in today’s society, technology follows their experiences as well. With the continuous use and documentation of experiences, things happening in there city may go unnoticed. With this being said there are a few people showing us their way through their life van adventures on VSCO a photography display board, that are a must to check out. Here are two of my favourite pages.


@denizyilkanaydin is one of my favourite instagramers to follow on van life adventure, mainly because of their awesome photography skills. It also gives viewers an opportunity to look at their life on the inside of each trip they take. Particularly with this profile we get a better idea of what happens during their downtime and activities that they do. The concept behind journey over destination, as their journey in their camper allows them to experience these destinations in cool new ways. TOTAL must follow!


@belovedvagabonds is also in my top rated van life adventure instagram profiles. This group is so into nature and travel. From different city and landscape with their family we get a look at another aspect of van life adventure. From beautiful sights to kittens and close up on their relationship. TOTAL must follow if your looking for a real experience following

Find Your Dream Van Life Road Trip

Find Your Dream Van Life Road Trip

Working Nomad

A huge portion of van life adventure can be misunderstood as just a means of travel, but this isn’t true. Van life has grown and so have the nomads living this lifestyle. This concept can now be considered for so much more. Now a days, and myself included, work has come with me everywhere I go. There are many cool cities to discover one of my favourite is Asutin. Check out cool events in Austin 

This new idea of working nomadism is becoming more and more popular. Being able to pick up and live and travel and work all at the same time. For myself, I find the flexibility and ability to work from wherever extremely key in keeping productivity high. As a millennial and third year student, being able to afford school and living expenses requires me to have a job. The opportunity to work from anywhere helps me to continue education and explore my city. This is only the beginning of a van life adventure.

No matter where your van life adventure leads you, make sure to check out events near me this weekend.

By: Kyra Sutherland 

Kyra writes for Chillwall on lifestyle and Adventure activities.

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