I went on a epic road trip to find 2018’s best travel destinations

September 17, 2018
epic road trip

Everyone needs an epic road trip escape. I am part time student with little savings in my bank account, however some instant noddles dinners and a lot of McDonald coupons helped me saved in a year enough for this epic road trip where I experienced the best travel destinations.

The Caribbean and South America must be on every traveler’s must visit list, from the mystiques of Machu Pichu to Cuban breathtaking beaches. There are so many incredible places to visit and experiences to be had. Before you book your next flight or simply looking for some travel tips for your next best travel destinations on a budget, check out these incredible places that I experienced on en epic road trip, these 2018 best travel destinations will not disappoint

You’re gonna love Peru’s ceviche  

I went on a epic road trip to find 2018’s best travel destinations

Peru is recognized for having one of the best cuisines in the world, what will happen if your palate gets used to such delicacies, you can’t stand to even smell the food back home? Their seafood is as fresh as it is indulging, I couldn’t get enough of their ceviche. Ceviche is Peru’s most popular dish, a must try fish cocktail appetizer with a subtle citric flavour combined with their home made sauce and spices. Perfect dish to enjoy with the country’s beverage of choice pisco sour. There many favourable dishes to choose from since their cuisine is unique and offers a combination of sea food and asian spices. For foodies, it’s a destination worth checking out!. Start your epic road trip to Peru infinitive culinary scene where no doubt you will make Peru part of your 2018’s best travel destinations.

Need vitamin sea?

I went on a epic road trip to find 2018’s best travel destinations

The Dominican Republic is one of the Caribbean’s most popular and diverse countries, with astonishing mountain scenery, colonial architecture and spectacular beaches. It has been on my bucket list for a while and wanted to know what all the fuss was about! The beaches around Punta Cana are some of the best in the Caribbean, and without doubt the most spectacular beaches of the entire Dominican Republic. Every morning I was surrounded by white sand beaches and a mixture of humid and warm weather with the occasionally smell of salt water and a calming breeze every so often.

Snorkeling is very popular and will definitely complete your epic road trip in Dominican Republic, I got to explore some water reefs with abundant fish from all kinds, expect many unique aquatic encounters on this road trip. Their water is crystal clear, lagoon-like as you can walk for quite a distance without getting in over your head. The sand is very white, with palm trees and gardens lining the restaurants and beaches, life is better with a little sand between your toes! Make Dominican republic part of your epic road trip of 2018’s best travel destinations.

I try to explore as much as I can since I grew up in a warm weather country and I currently reside reside in Canada, this is why I escape every winter, if you are ever in Canada discover events in Toronto

Cuba got flavour

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I went on a epic road trip to find 2018’s best travel destinations

Cuba is a country of indefinable salsa magic. This destination offers the best salsa spots to party, where you will meet new people, mingle and dance until you drop. I have been to many salsa places in North and South American and nothing compares to Cuba dancing scene!. People in Cuba are one of the nicest, humble and friendly people you will ever meet travelling. Cuba made my epic road trip unforgettable, from white sand beaches, fresh seafood to live salsa band to dancing on the streets of Cuba. Explore Cuba’s calm beaches, famous tropical Havana, and live musical talent. This country has a lot of rich Latin culture to offer, thanks Cuba for contributing to my epic road trip to find 2018’s best travel destinations

Wild Ecuador

I went on a epic road trip to find 2018’s best travel destinations

Ecuador has it all. Let me start by telling you how wildly diverse this country is.

There are tons of things to do from climbing snow-capped volcanoes (some are active) to cruising around the Galapagos island to surfing one of the most beautiful beaches in South America. This country offers a unique untouched wildlife in the Amazon, where you will experience an exotic wildlife only found in the forest where indigenous call the region home. Make sure you take all your vaccines before your epic road trip here!.

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Explore their beaches, relax, drink some fresh coconut water and maybe surf? This country has hosted many surfing competitions for years, attracting thousands of tourists every year. In this epic road trip I didn’t want to miss on any surfing opportunities so I decided to take surfing lessons, which I learnt how to surf in just one day for only $20! And don’t worry about spending too much in accommodation, there are a number of accommodation options staring from $10 usd to suit most budgets close to various restaurants and cafés that serve the best of Ecuadorian cuisine, while the nightlife is vibrant – making this epic road trip a top destination for both surfers and spectators. If you are ever in Canada and will like to discover more like nature adventures check out events in Vancouver 

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