5 Tips for A Better Van Camping Trip

August 21, 2018
van camping

Before starting school, this is the best time to go for a trip especially a van camping trip. Before you go you should prepare well for the trip, like where you should go, what you have to bring with you and many other things. Keep reading to know the best 5 tips for a better van camping trip.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

To enjoy your van camping don’t forget your essential stuff. You are not going to the hotel and you have everything there. In order to make sure you have everything you need, be thoughtful with those packing and shopping lists. Some suggestions: baby wipes, shampoo, a decent knife, a cutting board, sandwich bags or containers for leftovers, a little broom, bug spray, and sunscreen. Make the most of your trip by getting these things at the start so maybe it’s hard to buy things on the road of your trip.

Do Some Meal Planning

van camping

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Try to plan for your meals before starting your van camping tour. You don’t need to plan for each day but try to have everything in your van, so you don’t go to bed hungry. Figure out how many meals you’ll need and decide what you’ll want to eat. Go to the grocery store at the start of your trip with your meal plan and ingredient list in hand. Remember to consider the food storage you’ll have, likely either a mini fridge or cooler, and choose dishes that will be easy to make over a fire, like chilli, roasted veggie skewers, or loaded baked potatoes. Discover food events in Montreal.

Pick the Right Campsite

This is the most important thing you need to plan for your van camping trip. you should pick good places such as places are good to sleep over, good weather and able to do fun activities. try to pick a location that showcases the best the campground has to offer. If it’s at the beach, get that ocean view. If you’re in the mountains, look for the vista. Campgrounds tend to have multiple lots of different shapes and sizes, so don’t be afraid to drive around a bit to find one that suits your van. Some national park websites even offer photographs and reviews of each site, so you can make an educated choice when booking in advance. Discover more camping events in Vancouver.

Don’t overpack and stay organized

When you plan for your van camping packs, try to do not overpack just bring the most important things for you and enough for the whole trip. You have limited space, and some of it is going to be taken up by you. You don’t want to be sifting through things you wish you’d left at home when you’re trying to get dressed in the morning. Also stay organized, mess leads to stress. Find a place for everything at the start of your trip and put it all away when you’re done. Remember to account for the driving you’ll be doing, so place anything fragile in a secure spot.

Check the Gear Before You Go

Finally, before you get into your Van and starting the van camping trip check the gear. Check the Van if it’s in good condition to go for long trip, check the Wheels and keep extra Wheels with you. Once you pick up the camper, get a careful look at what’s there. Make sure everything you expected to be inside the van actually is. If something is missing, ask about it. After you get the keys, take out your list and reassess your needs, then head to the store.

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