Top 11 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

February 5, 2018
Romantic Valentine’s Day

Discover our top 11 Romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas now. As February quickly approaches, many of you have already noticed the abundance of pink and red hearts that fill the malls, and local grocery stores. You then start to think about your plans on this special day and realize you haven’t made any yet, and the thought of planning something with the person you like, or your significant other is stressing you out. Don’t worry – you’re not the only one who’s feeling this way and that’s why we’ve got you covered. Here are 11 tips and Romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas for every type of person.

Romantic Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Go Bowling

If you’re more of the competitive type who doesn’t like to sit around at a dinner table all night then this is the activity for you. Bowling is a super fun activity that can make for a lot of great memories and is not the typical Romantic Valentine’s Day date. The Ballroom Bowl in Toronto would make for a great option to bowl with your significant other as it has a more mature crowd and dimed lighting to set the mood.

Indoor Campout

While camping in the outdoors is a lot of fun during the summer, camping in the winter might be a different story. That’s why an indoor campout is a great alternative for those couples who love to camp! This is a pretty simple Romantic Valentine’s Day date, all you will need are string lights, tent (or blanket fort), an air mattress (or a bunch of comfy pillows), blankets, wood-scented candles, flashlights, and a playlist of campfire sounds. Pick up your favourite camp food and beverages and detach yourself from your smartphones. To pass the time you can share memories, talk about life, play board games, and watch movies.

Chopped Competition

This is a perfect Romantic Valentine’s Day date night for those couples who love to show off their cooking skills. Instead of having a typical “at home dinner,” make it a little more interesting by picking up ingredients that you don’t normally cook with, present them to your partner, and set a timer. Once you’re both finished, let one another taste the other’s creation and either love it or laugh about it. This will create an fun and memorable night that is sure to make a traditional Romantic Valentine’s Day dinner a lot more special.

At Home Drive-In Movie

The movie theatre is a Romantic Valentine’s Day date that is probably one of the most popular dates to go on with your significant other or your crush. Although it is a classic way to celebrate, for those couples who don’t necessarily like to go to the movies or want to avoid a crowded theatre – you can have an at home drive-in movie instead! All you will need is a projector, beanbag chairs, cozy blankets, homemade popcorn, sweets, and pop. If you want to watch more than one movie – make it a marathon!

Romantic Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

 Spa Day

Surprise your significant other with a Spa Day! We all deserve a little relaxation and pampering. There are many options in Toronto to choose from for a couple’s spa day. If you want to do something extra special – The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel, and Elmwood Spa are great options. Elmwood Spa offers Romantic Valentine’s Day specials for couples which includes water therapies, Swedish massages, 2 glasses of sparkling wine and a four-course dinner at Bangkok Garden. For more authentic valentine’s day gift ideas for everyone check here.

Go to a Brewery

If you’re the type of couple who loves to drink beer – this would be a fun way to celebrate a very Romantic Valentine’s Day. Toronto has tons of options when it comes to having drinks at a brewery. One of the coziest and most appropriate brewery for a special date is Bellwoods Brewery in Toronto. The ambiance of this small brewery is cozy, romantic, and has a great vibe. You and your significant other can try their seasonal beers while enjoying some small snacks they offer to compliment the beer.

Go to an Arcade

The Rec Room recently opened in Toronto and has changed the Arcade game – it has plenty of games to choose from that are different than any other arcade in Toronto, a bar, and two restaurants. This is a great first date idea for a Romantic Valentine’s Day because it allows you to be entertained and have casual food and drinks. The Rec Room offers a mature crowd for couples to have a fun and yet romantic date. There is no better way to show off to your date than by winning Mario Kart!

Weekend Getaway

Want to escape Toronto for the weekend for a Romantic Valentine’s Day but don’t know where to go? Here are some great options for you and your significant other that are close to Toronto! Prince Edward County is about 2 and a half hours away from Toronto and you will not be disappointed! Stay at a cozy bed and breakfast, Airbnb or The Drake Devonshire Inn. The Drake offers many entertainment elements to make your stay enjoyable. The next getaway is Blue Mountain, this is for the couples who love to hit the slopes, enjoy a warm beverage and stroll around town at night. Everyone loves to visit Muskoka in the summer, but it is just as beautiful in the winter! Drive up to JW Marriott The Rousseau Muskoka to enjoy the beauty of winter and cozy up by their many fireplaces around the chateau.

Homemade Brunch

Who said a Romantic Valentine’s Day had to be celebrated at night to be romantic? Surprise your significant other with a beautiful homemade brunch to get their day off to the right start! This is a simple and thoughtful way to make your significant other happy and to show your appreciation towards them and all that they’ve done for you.

Paint Night

This is a great Romantic Valentine’s Day idea for you and your significant other to show off your creative side! Many restaurants around the GTA offer “Paint Night.” This will make for great memories and you will be going home with two amazing art pieces! It is important to try new things so even if you or your significant other isn’t artistic – painting is a great way to relax and just have fun! Exciting events are happening all around us, for events this weekend in London or events this weekend in New York check out Chillwall.

Go to a Karaoke Bar

There is nothing more romantic than belting out you and your significant others favourite song in front of a crowd of strangers. The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto would be the perfect place to go for a Romantic Valentine’s Day. The atmosphere is cozy, sophisticated and romantic. This date will show your significant other that you are their number one cheerleader as they go up to sing a song solo and pretend that no one else is in the room but you and them.

Not what you are looking for? Find more events near me to make the most Romantic Valentine’s Day ever.

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