Spring Break Idea’s 2018

February 6, 2018
Spring Break Idea 2018

Spring Break 2018 is just around the corner and here is our top 4 Spring Break Idea’s 2018 for you and your friends that will guarantee a great time! We’ve put together ideas and specific places in order to make your Spring Break planning that much easier.

Spring Break on the Beach

Spending time on the beach with friends is definitely a traditional Spring Break Idea but it’s so popular because who wouldn’t want to get away to a beach for a week? The best way to follow through with this idea is to gather up your friends and get a specific number of people who are seriously interested, go online and book as a group in order to find the best deals! Some great places to visit down south that will not disappoint in all aspects are Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Cancun, Mexico. All three locations offer the most amazing beaches, fun resorts with tons of things to do and stay busy! A great website to check out the best deals are Red Tag, and Trip Advisor to see honest reviews of resorts and to see if the resort you’re interested in matches your checklist. This Spring Break Idea will be one for the books, come back with countless of memories, sun-kissed skin and the feeling of pure relaxation from a week of laying on the beach, swimming in the pool and beautiful blue beach!

Spring Break Idea 2018

Winter Fun with Friends Spring Break Idea 2018

Spring Break in the Mountains

This is definitely a Spring Break Idea for friends who love outdoor winter sports! If you’re from Canada, take a trip to Blue Mountain in Ontario for a great time. Blue Mountain offers great things to do such as skiing, snowboarding, tubing, pubs, bars, restaurants, spas, and more. Rent a cabin with a large group of friends, bring up your favourite snacks and beverages and enjoy spending quality time with your good friends! Whether you decide to ski, snowboard or go to the Scandinavian spa, you are going to enjoy your day. If you are from the West Coast, then Whistler, British Columbia is the destination to visit for your winter activity fun! Whistler is definitely the place to visit as one of the best winter Spring Breaks. It has countless of things to do including an amazing nightlife atmosphere. If you don’t feel like skiing or snowboarding, you can go sightseeing or zip lining! There’s also a Scandinavian Spa, Escape Room, Shopping and more. For more Events Near Me in Vancouver Click Here! If you are from the United States, Salt Lake City, Utah is a great option for the same activities offered in Canada. There are a ton of fun things to do at night as well, including a bar-crawl, après beers from the local brewery, and live music.

Spring Break in New York City

Spring Break is a great opportunity to bring your closet friends together and explore New York City! This Spring Break Idea is all about living your Gossip Girl dreams and creating the best memories in the city that never sleeps! Whether you’re there to stop until you drop, never go to sleep, or walk through every unique neighbourhood, New York City is a magical city to explore. Check out Airbnb in order to accommodate all of your friends and make the experience that much more enjoyable by being in someone else’s apartment to make it feel as though you and all your friends live together in the big city! There a lot of misconceptions about New York City, and that you can only go there to spend a lot of money but this is totally false – there are ways to make your trip to New York City affordable and still have a memorable time. With that said, try to stay in Brooklyn, this will save you and your friends a lot of money and it is only a quick metro ride away into the city. Brooklyn is already up and coming and has a ton of options for food, coffee, and drinks! Do not Uber everywhere! Use their transit system because it is easy once you get the hang of it and you will really feel like a local. You and your friends can buy groceries and beverages at the local supermarket in order to save money as well! Check out our blog post on New York City on a Budget Here!

Spring Break Idea 2018

Watching the Sunset Spring Break Idea 2018

Spring Break in Los Angeles

Looking for a Spring Break Idea that will guarantee you amazing sunny weather and a fun time? Then I think Los Angeles is your answer. From shopping on Melrose, to celebrity sighting, to visiting Venice Beach and hiking up to the Hollywood Sign, there is something to do for everyone here. In comparison to New York City, Los Angeles is a much slower pace environment which can be a nice change if you are the type of person who lives a very fast pace life normally (which in this case – is very relevant for students going on Spring Break). Another great activity to do in Los Angeles is going to Disneyland! I mean – who wouldn’t want to go to Disneyland? If you and your friends are into flea markets and vintage finds then you’re in luck because Los Angeles is known for their amazing markets and abundance of vintage clothes, accessories, and home décor. With that said – if you and your friends want to spend the day looking at artwork, Los Angeles has a numerous of notable museums to visit and of course – you can visit Universal Studios to feel like a celebrity for the day! LA has something for everyone, including lots of beaches to visit that are beautiful and will definitely leave you speechless if you stay to watch the sunset! If you want to read more on Los Angeles then check out our Blog Post on Los Angeles Local Hangouts Here!

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