Authentic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Everyone

February 2, 2017
Authentic Valentine's Day

There is something quite special about showing the ones you love how much they really mean to you. Quality over quantity is the motto of this holiday, authentic Valentine’s Day gifts usually come from the heart and not just your wallet.

Here are some genuine (and cost effective) gift ideas for the special someone in your life.

Write them a letter

Whoever thinks text messages are more romantic than a handwritten letter have clearly never received a letter before. Even if it’s just a page or a paragraph, writing down some memories or describing what your person means to you is far more romantic than just candy and a stuffed teddy bear.

Make it a team effort 

Who says it’s up to one person to make sure this holiday goes smoothly, talk to your partner and ask how they would truly like to spend their day. Nothing brings people together like planning a day that both of you genuinely want to partake in.

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Make a photo album

What a better way to celebrate your relationship than to collect all the memories you have made and putting them into a photo album! There are tons of websites online that will help you put together an album and print and mail them right to your door. Extra points for printing the photos out yourself and putting it together!

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Written by Bronwyn Schnurr


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