Best Places To Eat In San Francisco On A Budget

February 1, 2017
San Francisco

As a student, I understand that money is tight. The need for entertainment and going out sometimes outweighs what is in your wallet. That is why I created a list of the best places to eat in San Francisco on a student budget.

Dottie’s True Blue Cafe 

This cafe and bakery serve some great food for a great price. Their breakfast is amazing and inexpensive. They have fresh baked goods and great coffee. A fun urban atmosphere and a great selection of food make Dottie’s a great place to eat at.

Four Seasons Restaurant 

If you love Vietnamese food, then you will love Four Seasons. Fantastic Pho makes this one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in San Francisco. Very affordable and amazing meal presentation. If you have room, try the fried banana with ice cream. It is yummy.


This healthy eatery is good for you and good one your wallet. Great healthy meals for a great price. You can get salads, smoothies and so much more. They also make a commitment to the environment and are environmentally responsible. Why wouldn’t you want to eat there?

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