How to Showcase Los Angeles to Visitors!

August 10, 2017
Los Angeles

When you think of Los Angeles, you probably think of the hustle and bustle of downtown, the sound or the vibrant sights, but we have come up with a list of places that you should visit and take your friends and family who are visiting you. Whether your friends are here for the nature, mountains, and the hills, or they are visiting LA for the most iconic Hollywood spots; do not get frustrated. LA offers so many hidden gems in the city that worth visiting and taking your out of town friends.

Griffith Observatory
One of the most popular tourist’s attractions in L.A, that offers spectacular view of Pacific Ocean to Downtown L.s. since 1935 the Observatory has been welcomed more than 1000s of visitors daily. Inside you’ll find a bevy of exhibits, including a Foucault pendulum, a Tesla coil and a planetarium show. You can hike the trail and get to see beautiful viewpoints.

Scenic Drives in LA
If you are trying to staying away from Downtown LA and all the traffic, the best day travel is to drive any freeway and get to Hollywood Chase Scenes. Take your friends to either Malibu Canyon or up into LA’s winding hillsides mountain roads, and treat them to a different side of Los Angeles.

Urban Light | Los Angeles County Museum of Art
This famous sculpture consists of 202 restored street lamps circa 1920-1930, and has become synonymous with LA. Located just off Wilshire Boulevard at the front entrance to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is Chris Burden’s Urban Light. This center has become a very known space for tourists and art lovers. This stunning piece attracts everyone in day or night specially when the lights are on.

Venice Canal
The Venice Canal is a district in the Venice section of Los Angeles. This place is known for man-made canals (1905). You can take the stroll through three canals and you’ll discover an idyllic scene. The arching pedestrian bridges, charming beach houses, and the occasional paddle-boarding bulldog.

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How to Showcase Los Angeles to Visitors! – Written by: Shab.Gh

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