Where To Take Instagram Worthy Selfies!!

August 11, 2017

Are you a selfie freak who can’t put that camera down on your travels? Here are some places you need to consider for an epic selfie.

The Great Niagara Falls
Located on the border of Canada and the USA, the famous Niagara Falls is a good combination of two falls (the American falls and the Canadian falls). Both are perfect places for one epic selfie. There are several bridges where you can capture the water falling behind you. Some of the famous bridges include the Rainbow Bridge, Whirlpool Bridge, and the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge. These will give you the perfect height for a picture. Go and explore and find your angle.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Another breathtaking place in the world for a self-portrait is the Victoria Falls in Southern Africa. It is perhaps the highest waterfall in the whole world. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you will see what I mean. One can do several kinds of adventurous activities depending on how daring one is. Activities like Huge swing, bungee- jumping and much more attract people and celebrities from around the world to visit this exotic place. Once you are there, do not forget to take your selfie doing the most thrilling activities (your friends will be so jealous).

Machu Picchu, Peru
Away from the noise of the city life is where Machu Picchu can be found, which is considered the most desirable place for hikers. It is extremely peaceful and quiet. This beautiful place in Peru holds great history and facts behind it. If you are the curious type who loves hiking and selfies, you are going to love it as much as we do. Yes, you do need that selfie stick to cover the captivating background. High mountains give you the feel that you are on top of the world.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge, New York
Who does not want to capture New York in their pictures? I am sure that we all do. We know that you have your own list of places that you need to visit in New York, but here is our recommendation. Walk to the Brooklyn Bridge and take pictures on your way. The best part is that the bridge is open all of the time. So, capture the sunrise or the sunset or the sky filled with stars (whatever pleases you more!).

Grand Canal, Venice
Located in the center of Venice, the Grand Canal is an ideal romantic place and we all have a desire to visit it. It is also one of the World Heritage sites listed by UNESCO. You can roam around the city or, should we say, sail around the place with your partner and take romantic selfies. But you can get your picture of the day if you decide to visit the Grand Canal.

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Written by Sarita Dhaka

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