The Science Behind Travelling and Happiness

August 9, 2017

Travelling is an experience that undoubtedly opens your world to endless possibilities. The importance of travelling is not only eye opening but also instills a sense of wonder and amazement like no other. A new fad, especially among young people, is spending more money on experiences than material things like cars, jewelry, phones and clothes. Why is this? It’s become known that experiences actually contribute to happiness more than material things can, and what better way to have awesome experiences than to travel?


Here are 6 Reasons why travelling will make you a happier person:

  1. Travel will Make you Feel Accomplished

You might feel accomplished when you save up enough money for a phone, but this feeling is short-lived because after the initial boost in happiness you realise the relative unimportance of material things. Travel can also make you feel accomplished because it has to be worked towards. The experience of travel is not only enjoyable, it makes you a more cultured, interesting and well-rounded person which are qualities that stick with you long after your travels end.

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  1. Distance Makes the Heart Grow Stronger

People often forget how much they love their siblings, parents, friends and pets when they see them regularly. Travelling for a long time can make you realise how much you take these people for granted, and people often find themselves more emotionally attached with them once they are reunited.

  1. Travelling to Certain Countries can Make you Appreciate your own

People often travel to countries where the living conditions are poorer than in their home country. This often encourages a feeling of appreciation for your own living situation because it can make you realise how lucky you are and how much you may have taken this for granted.

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  1. Travel Makes you Smarter

Living day to day in your own country is easy. However, it can be difficult to navigate day to day life in a different country where the culture is much different than your own. To navigate this new culture, travellers must rely on their common sense and intelligence to be able to compensate for the fact that they have no idea how to board a subway or call a waiter at a restaurant. Doing this can make you more self-reliant, which is a skill that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

  1. Being Isolated from your Ordinary life Helps you think Clearly

It’s a psychological fact that being alone and detached from your regular social contacts increases your concentration and helps you make more rational decisions. This is difficult to do because social media keeps us connected to others 24/7. Need to clear your head and make an important life decision? Take a trip! You will find the best answer for yourself that way …

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  1. Completing Bucket List Entries Actually Make you Happy

It’s a common fact that we don’t realise the things we wanted to do until later in our lives. Travel when you are young, so that when you are older you will not live with regret and the fact that you might not be able to travel because of work, health or family. Really think about where you want to go, and make it happen!

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Written by Kent Austin


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