Take Art Classes at the Top 5 Most Prestigious Art Schools!

January 29, 2017
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Do you paint in your free time or want to start a new hobby? Check out some top art schools below that you need to attend now.

Dundas Valley School of Art

One of the most prestigious art schools in Canada, the Dundas Valley School of Art located outside Toronto offers countless classes for artists of all ages. A thriving hub for artists and art instruction, the school provides high-quality and accessible visual arts education to over 4,500 registrants annually. Classes include painting, sculpture, pottery, drawing, photography and printmaking and are taught by renowned faculty members who are also working artists. This fall, there will be almost 100 classes offered including Pottery Boot Camp, Beginners Abstract Painting, and First Fridays: Licensed To Draw.

Be sure to check out their class schedule here!

The Art Studio, New York

This popular art school in the Manhattan Upper West Side offers classes for all ages and all levels (from total beginners to masters) and is committed to providing a relaxing, enjoyable set of courses that students often say is the best part of their week. The faculty is amazing! They are committed to making an artist out of everyone of their students and providing a warm, welcoming environment for people to enjoy. As well as offering exciting courses held at the school, many courses offered are BYOB (bring your own brush) and are held in Central Park which makes them as enjoyable for students as possible.

Find tons of events for art lovers in New York here!

Sharon Art Studio, San Francisco

Sharon Art Studio in San Francisco offers classes in ceram­ics, jewelry/metal arts, draw­ing, paint­ing, led and fused glass and mixed media. There is really a class for everyone! The classes are multi-generational and truly create an atmosphere of the community for all students. Classes are held in their historic facility, but regularly the school hosts activities throughout the beautiful neighborhoods of San Francisco. What better way to explore this diverse city than with an art class from this amazing school? We definitely recommend them.

Find tons of events for art lovers in San Francisco here!

Art Classes at Wynwood, Miami

Classes held at this school are perfect for anyone wanting to advance their craft without paying too much (they cost about 35-45 dollars). As well as offering classes for teens, adults, and kids, the school offers corporate classes (perfect for team building exercises). Something unique about these classes is that art supplies are included in the tuition fees (which is rare).

Find tons of events for art lovers in Miami here!

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

This popular attraction in Los Angeles is more than just a museum as it offers regular classes. Some of these classes are discussion sessions (which are actually held in the galleries!) where you can learn about composition, color, and expression rather than just technique. The classes are separated into age groups including kids, teens, and adults so that you can take a class suitable to your skill level (there are intergenerational classes as well). Some sessions are held outdoors, giving you the opportunity to enjoy an art class in the California sun!

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Written by Kent Austin

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