Unique Dating Locations in Los Angeles

January 30, 2017
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Hey friends! If you’re tired of going to the same, old, boring place for your date(s) then continue reading for some fresh ideas. I can help you out.

1. Edison

This unique bar/lounge features a steampunk inspired interior. If you’re into that kind of style, then head to downtown Los Angeles with your date and enjoy a great night out! Best of all, there is no cover to get in.

2. Los Liones Canyon

Not a fan of bars or lounges because they’re too loud? No worries! Get some fresh air and a lot of exercise by walking on the Los Liones Canyon trail. Completing the whole trail would take around 3 hours, but you could always stop halfway or something like that. Get intimate with your date by walking down the trail.

3. The Pine Avenue Pier

Want to go on a nice stroll? The Pine Avenue Pier is your go-to destination for looking at waterfronts and the beautiful sunset. There’s also lighthouses, the Queen Mary (ocean liner) and other boats to watch! This location would certainly be unique and romantic for anyone who’s looking for a nice date place. Most importantly, it’s free to walk around the pier. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

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Written by Shirley Li from chillwall.com

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