The Top 4 Ways to Discover Boston

August 4, 2016

Boston may not be as popular to visit as cities like New York City or San Francisco, but it is one of America’s hidden gems. Here are the top ways to discover it:

Check out the College Campuses

Boston is considered a center for higher education because of the large number of schools located here. Boston University is big and green and begs to be toured by visitors. Boston is one of the oldest cities in America, and the college campuses reflect this with their old and quaint buildings.

Dine at the Oldest Restaurant in America

For an amazing dining experience and to get a taste of amazing Boston seafood, eat at the Union Oyster House. This remains the oldest restaurant in America. The building dates bake to pre-revolutionary times (and believe me it still has an old fashioned charm to it). The menu is full of amazing seafood including their legendary shrimp cocktails and their delicious crab cakes. For a main, we suggest going for the broiled seafood platter, which has a bit of everything. For dessert, we suggest finishing with their famous warm apple cobbler. There is also an extensive bar here if you are simply looking for a drink to experience this quaint restaurant.

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Drive on the Big Dig

Ever want to drive underground? Part of the “Bid Dig” project that helps connect major Boston destinations through a series of expressways, there are highways that were actually put underground in Boston that are part of this project. Driving on this express route is a great way to experience how the city is leaps and bounds ahead of other cities in terms of connectivity. What’s more, it will help you reach all the major attractions if you happen to be driving a car while visiting here, so make sure you use it!

Check out the Student Spots

As expected, the large number of schools in Boston makes the city a hot place to be for student bars and hangout spots. The Mission Bar and Grill is the place to be, serving cheap drinks and serving incredible food for when you’re craving. Another hot spot to be is Mary Ann’s, which is a well-known dive bar made popular by Boston’s many students. Here, the beer is cheap and the choices from the tap are incredible. Food and beer … what could possibly make for a better night out for students?

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Written by Kent Austin

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