4 Reasons why Travelling Europe Isn’t Getting Old

August 3, 2016

Think Europe is “been there, done that” and cliché? Well here are 4 reasons that will change your mind.

Italy: One of the last places for “mom and pops”

In a world of diligent consistency it’s pretty difficult to find a place to eat that is not part of a bigger chain company, taking away the thrill of eating at a restaurant with fresh ingredients and homemade food. In Italy, local eateries are the norm. Starbucks has not yet entered Italy and so the renowned coffee culture here has stayed preserved for years to come. Everywhere you turn, there is a family run restaurant serving fresh food at a competitive price (where else can you find wine that is cheaper than Coca-Cola?). Make sure to visit before this changes.

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Budapest: Party Destination

Europe is often thought of as a place to go for sightseeing and tours and is rarely seen as a party destination. Cities like Budapest trump cities known for partying like Los Angeles and Vegas, mainly because of the number of bars found here and the fair prices for liquor here. Everywhere you turn there are young people drinking at the cheap, outdoor bar areas. Head to places like Corvin Club & Roof Terrace for great alcohol at fair prices. The hostels here are spotless and do not cost a lot, meaning that you can party without having to pay and arm and a leg for decent accommodation.

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Netherlands: The Ultimate Place for Foodies

Everyone knows that Europe is the best place to go if you want good food, but most people think of Italy and France and forget the hidden gem for foodies that is the Netherlands. The Dutch have dessert down to a fine art, shown because of their legendary waffle cookies (Stroopwafel), elaborate waffle creations and of course Hagelslag (the legendary chocolate sprinkles served on white bread). If you are travelling Europe and visit Amsterdam, you might just be surprised when you find that the city is not just popular because of its bars and shows.

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Iceland: The Unexpected Beauty

Have you even heard of Iceland? Perhaps not as it is one of the smallest and most sparsely populated countries in all of Europe. However, this country has been overshadowed in terms of beauty by bigger countries and its countless green mountains and waterfalls make it the most underrated country in terms of sightseeing. Places like The Blue Lagoon and the Golden circle make this a stunning place to see. Come for the sightseeing, stay for a bath in one of their many hot springs.

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Written by Kent Austin



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