4 Captivating Summer Date Ideas in Toronto

August 2, 2016

Toronto has a few spots that you just can’t afford to ignore or go without paying a visit. Here are the top 4 most amazing date things to do that will thrill the romantic one inside you.

Take a walk to the Game

Or, should I say, take a bold move and plan a game outing with your date. Take your time, buy two tickets to your favorite game, which keep happening every day in summer. Believe me, there is no more sincere and decent way of taking your special someone out. Take some drinks, pack some food, or have some on your way. Experience the most chilled out time. The stadium filled with young couples who keep cheering, screaming, shouting and making the stadium a very lively place. Its not at all boring if you think of it to be. There are tons of soccer events and baseball games happening constantly in the summer (go Jays go!) This is where it all starts.

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Chill on the Beaches

If you want the most romantic afternoon, you will love cycling more than anything. Toronto has the most amazing beaches that you might find anywhere else like sugar beech, cherry beech, woodbine beech and many more. You can plan an evening or a late night out. Go ride in a boat with your favourite song on and enjoy the romantic summer weather of the city with happy people all around you. Otherwise, you can pick up those pair of wheels from your garage and explore the corners of the beech or perhaps the city with your date. With talking and laughing around you, you wont realize the span of time that you get to spend with each other.

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Dinner at the CN Tower

If you are in Toronto it becomes very obvious to see and visit the CN Tower. No matter what part of the city you go to, you are most likely going to see this tall structure standing. Reach the full height of the CN Tower and get the captivating view of the entire city. This is a once in a life time experience. You can book some space for yourself or reserve two chairs for a late night dinner with your date. Away and above the city, you can get that “love bird” feeling. So, the CN Tower makes for a non beatable destination for couples.

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Royal Ontario Museum

This Museum in Toronto is open all seven days of the week (except on December 25) and if you are a morning person or want to plan something in the day time, than the Museum is your place. Open from 10am to around 5pm in the evening, the Royal Ontario Museum is the perfect location for you if you are an art lover or if your date holds interests in culture and history.

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Written by Sarita Dhaka


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