7 Heavenly London Spots to get your Matcha Fix

July 27, 2016

London has the best coffee on earth. If you’re in London and love matcha, here are the best places to get your fix:


On a hot summer day, you got to have some soft serve ice cream. Why not matcha soft serve? Tsujiri is one of the best matcha cafes around the world. The location in London is no different. You get quality and quantity. Try it out!


Lagu is a great place for authentic Japanese food, including things made with matcha. Here you can not only get soy matcha lattes that are said to be the best in London, you can get a matcha flavored slice of cake to feed your matcha obsession further. You can also get many Japanese rice bowls here if you are hungry for something else.

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Good Life Eatery

One of the most popular spots in London for coffee and food, this place has mastered the art of the matcha latte. You can choose from several different milks, so this place will definitely give you the ultimate matcha latte. Also, this place serves amazing desserts and hot meals for when a latte just isn’t enough. If you happen to be in London, head to Good Life Eatery and grab a matcha green tea latte and a slice of red velvet cake (we promise you won’t be disappointed). We suggest getting here pretty early, as this spot can get pretty packed!


Tombo is a Japanese restaurant that features a variety of desserts. Their best ones are, of course, the matcha ones. Not only that, they serve main dishes as well, such as Chicken Katsu Curry. Why don’t you try everything while you’re at it?

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Curators Coffee Gallery

Sure, you wouldn’t want a hot coffee on a blazing hot summer day, but what about a matcha iced latte? Are you drooling yet? Curators Coffee Gallery has the best matcha iced latte in town. You can even get the lattes in original or spicy, but really? Try out the matcha latte!

Crosstown Doughnuts

Crosstown Doughnuts has some of the most interesting doughnut flavors (such as caramel sea salt banana and mango apple), but their most famous doughnut is the matcha tea doughnut, which is perfect for the matcha lovers who have seen it all. This doughnut is made with matcha cake dough filled with matcha & white chocolate ganache and finally topped with their vanilla bean glaze. Who can resist?

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Timberyard has two locations in central London, and is as much a cool space to work and hang out as it is a place to get some amazing, freshly prepared matcha drinks. Visitors constantly rave about the matcha green tea latte that you can get here as well as the countless pastries that are available (we suggest trying the almond croissant or the pecan brownie). If you’re really hungry, they also make amazing sandwiches. All of their hot drinks can be made into an iced one, so if you don’t want a hot drink on a summer day, we understand.

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Written by Shirley Li

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