Thousands are Flocking to these Fitness Festivals to Save their Summer Body

July 27, 2016

Getting in shape for summer is hard! Why not attend one of these fitness festivals and crush it once and for all … ?

Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon Series

This marathon series allows you to run 5K marathons from anywhere you want and at anytime. After training, join a running group and earn medals to add to your collection. This is a unique style of marathon as it allows you to save fees, skip lines and compete with others without having to alter your schedule! Truly an innovation in “virtual” running …

Chicago Marathon

Happening in October, this massive marathon is one of the major world marathons held in America with nearly 37,182 finishers in 2015. The course takes runners through 29 of Chicago’s neighborhoods and the uniquely flat course has encouraged many world record performance attempts. If you want an intense run and want to see the beautiful city of Chicago, we definitely suggest this run (it is popular for tourists).

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TCS New York City Marathon

One of the biggest marathons in the world, the New York City Marathon has events lasting for an entire week in November including dinners with the runners and motor coach tours of the course (as well as the run itself). The course is amazing, consisting of a 26.2-mile block through a city that is the most diverse in the world. This course is considered a standard for other big city marathons in the world.

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SeaWheeze Festival

Happening in August in Vancouver, this marathon and fitness festival gives attendees the opportunity to not only get a workout in but to have some fun! There will be a full weekend of yoga, running and an amazing party. The half marathon exposes runners to fresh, salty ocean air and the yoga sessions at the festival are taught by some of North America’s best yoga instructors.

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Fitness Fest, Arizona

This Arizona festival, which will happen again in early 2017, is really focused on working out. The focus is on personal trainers and group exercises and aquatic instructors (or just people who love fitness), and it is one of the largest fitness and wellness expos in the world. Get ready to get pumped!

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The Arnold Sports Festival

Created by none other than the terminator himself, Arnold Festivals happen in various locations around the world at various times of the year. Everything fitness related happens here including taekwondo championships, baton twirling, triathlons and of course weightlifting. Meet some of the world’s top athletes. The next one will be starting on August 19 in Ohio.

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Written by Kent Austin

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