Ontario’s Top 4 Asian Desserts

July 23, 2016


We all crave something sweet once in awhile, am I right? Asian cultures love sweets. Ontario has amazing places to get Asian desserts in the predominantly Chinese town of Markham, and here are the best!


If you’re a bubble tea lover like me, then you’d probably know about Chatime! If not, no worries. I’ll tell you all about it! Chatime started in Taiwan, like many other bubble tea stores (because it’s a Taiwanese thing!). Then, the company started moving to other countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. Finally, it recently moved over to North America, including Canada! Check out their extensive list of bubble tea choices like their popular Chatime Pearl Milk Tea or Grass Jelly Milk Tea. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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Sweet Esc

If you’re looking for a unique experience at a dessert place, then why not try Sweet Esc? You can order a delicious Belgium waffle with ice cream on a hot plate. It literally sizzles in front of you while you dig into your yummy dessert! They also serve a kind of refreshing Matcha tea, which would be perfect with your waffle dessert. Best of all, Sweet Esc is in the same plaza as the Chatime that I frequent. Have dessert for round one and then go again for round two! There’s always room for dessert.

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Wooffles & Cream

Hong Kong has some special desserts like egg tarts and… egg waffles! Even Canada has these kind of desserts now! Wooffles & Cream is a egg waffles specialty shop that makes waffles right on the spot when you order. You can also top it off with some unique, limited time ice cream flavours like black sesame! While the wait time can be long, the food more than likely makes up for it. Don’t wait and try some special egg waffles!

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Sweet House Dessert

Have you ever tried Durian before? No? Well, if you’re a brave soul, then head on over to Sweet House Dessert for some Durian pudding. The smell and taste is not for everyone. Personally, I dislike it, but I know many people who love the dessert and think of it as a specialty item. Although the interior is very small and the area is industrial, the customer service is excellent and make up for the lack of space. Remember, you are there to enjoy the dessert and not necessarily the environment!

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Written by Shirley Li 


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