Top 4 Coolest Tattoo Studios in the World

July 21, 2016
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Thinking of getting inked this season? It’s all about finding the right place. Here are the most amazing places you should go for your first or next tattoo:

Grit N Glory, New York, Manhattan

If you like rock and roll than you will love grit ‘n’ glory. Located in NYC, this place is a boutique fashion store and even has a small café. You get the most luxurious collection of clothes, most fashionable punk style t-shirts and of course they run their own tattoo shop. This is an all women’s world as grit ‘n’ glory is an all girl tattoo studio. Do not forget to get a tattoo by Megan Massacre, the celebrity tattoo artist who is very well known for her work.

Last Rites Tattoo Theater and Art Gallery, Manhattan

Paul Booth opened this tattoo place in 1998. Yes, this is from the 90s. But unlike any other old tattoo place, Last Rites studio has earned a great reputation over the years and started expanding its branches in 2007. People not only from local neighborhoods but also from across the world travel to get the chance of perhaps getting the best tattoo in the world. Describing themselves with the slogan “Where Darkness and Art Converge”, Last Rites provides you with the best black and grey combination of a tattoo. Believe it, if you are sitting in a group and you tell your friends that you got a tattoo from Paul Booth, people would actually be amazed.

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Sacred Tattoo, Ajax, Ontario

This sacred hub is not only famous for its tattoos but for its precise piercings. Established in 1989, Sacred Tattoo has the most renowned and skilled artists who are precise and are masters of their fields. They not only complete your tattoo quickly, they make it pretty painless. This studio has a gorgeous interior with wooden floors, a dark and smoky interior and it gives a great vibe as if you have just stepped into the right place. Filled with wild and sophisticated ideas, the modern tattoo artists here are more than helpful and carry out their professional behaviour always. If you are not sure of the design or the exact look of your tattoo, feel free to walk into the studio with a blank mind or a confused head and eventually all of your worries will be sorted out and the right figure will soon be inked onto your skin.

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Kings Avenue, Massapequa + Manhattan

This place stands tall in Manhattan and was founded by Mike Rubendall, who is pretty much known as the “Top Inker”. The studio thrives on the traditional philosophy that if you are doing it, you should do it right and with no faults. Kings Avenue is more known for the fact that it will get out whatever is in your brain and make a creation or a piece of art out of it. If you are planning to spend a good amount of money on a new tattoo, than you must consider this studio. More than anything, it will provide you with an inner satisfaction and make you feel that it was worth it!!

Share your experience with us, how was the new tattoo session? What is your favourite studio?

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Written by Sarita Dhaka

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