Top 7 Ways to do London on a Budget

July 20, 2016

The fashion forward city of London is a place for lavish tourists, but also it has countless free things to do for those who want to experience the city. Check some out below:

Look for the London Bridge

There is no single “London Bridge” as several bridges can be found on the River Thames. There are so many beautiful bridges along the river, so if you spend time looking at all of them you will have the best time and see some beautiful sites.

See the Tower Bridge

The tower bridge is one of the most historical and famous sites to see in the entire city. It is a bascule and suspension bridge. The structure consists of two towers tied together. Both pedestrians and vehicles may walk through the bridge freely. If you want to see one of London’s most iconic symbols, do not miss this!

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Changing of the Guard

For no charge you can head to Buckingham Palace and watch the famous changing of the guard ceremony that happens regularly. For 45 minutes, enjoy a famous British spectacle that will surely make your trip to London one of your most memorable trips! This is for sightseeing lovers …

St Paul’s Cathedral

This is one of the most iconic sites in London, and is the largest dome in the world. Located on top of Ludgate Hill, the church is in an English Baroque style and is considered one of the most stunning churches in the world. Admission is only 18 pounds (15 when purchased online). If you happen to be a worshipper, there are times for worship that are free.

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Natural History Museum

One of the most fun museums in London, this place is admission free! There are many interactive exhibits that are amazing. There are dinosaur exhibits here that are said to be the most fun in the world. Doing a self-guided tour of this place gives you the chance to experience their wide range of temporary exhibits. Do not miss!

Picnic in Richmond Park

Richmond Park is one of the most beautiful parks in London and has millions of visitors each year. The park is an official nature reserve and is perfect for parking yourself on the grass for a picnic (or you can visit Roehampton Café if you choose). There is plenty to do here including the Isabella Plantation and watching for oaks. There is even a view of St. Paul’s Cathedral from here!

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Trafalgar Square

A spectacle of European Architecture, this square in England is a must see for tourists. A massive square for gatherings, there are also tons of statues and monuments to see including the famous sir Henry Havelock statue. Artwork has also been put on display in this square, making it one of the most desired places for sightseeing.

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Written by Kent Austin


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