The Top 4 Places to have your Cottage Weekend

July 19, 2016


Nothing beats a weekend at the cottage with your besties. Don’t know where to rent a cottage? Here are the best places to consider:

Shuswap Lake, British Columbia

This is a great place for anyone wanting to have some fun while at a cottage. The heart of the Shuswap Country Region, this place is known for the amount of water sports that are done on its beautiful blue waters. If you rent a cottage here, we recommended also looking into waterskiing (if that is your thing) as this lake is a prime location to do so.

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Sudbury, Ontario

Gorgeous log style cottages can be found here, surrounded by tall pine tress that seclude you and the rest of your party for one of the most relaxing cottage weekends you will ever have. The cool thing about Sudbury is that you can rent a cottage in any price range depending on what you want to have. You can rent a smaller cottage if you are on a budget or you can rent a lavish, gorgeous one if you are celebrating a special occasion.

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Wouldn’t you love to stay in a luxury cottage situated next to the Canadian Rockies? We know you would, and it is possible if you look for a cottage rental in Alberta. The best thing about renting a cottage in a town in Alberta is that you can have the experience of being surrounded by nature while also be within walking distance from many downtown cores (such as Downtown Canmore). This is the place to be for those that want it all.

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Parry Sound, Ontario

This predominantly cottage town is located only two hours from the city of Toronto, but it could not seem more peaceful or secluded. The properties on the waterfront are gorgeous and allow you access to the famous (and huge) Georgian Bay that is great for boating, waterskiing and fishing. The town is famously known for having 30,000 islands, and with so much to choose from you are sure to get some peaceful privacy whether you are going for a weekend with your lover or want to party with your friends. The town is also good for exploringas it is rich in arts and culture and has tons to see.

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Written by Kent Austin

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