Home Alone? Here are Killer ways to Beat Boredom

July 16, 2016

Trying to kill boredom? We all have that time when it seems like the world has just nothing for us. To kill boredom before it kills you, check out these ideas:

Explore the Corners

You don’t have to go out or arrange an expensive trip to a place or just wonder around in a park or a mall. To your surprise, you can be at home and still feel occupied and productive. Check your wardrobe, your clothes, jewellery pieces, your drawers, and the stuff under that table kept in the corner. You can make your room, give it a better look, put some lights up, arrange your stuff or maybe just read some old stuff that you have never read before.

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Sketch it out

If you are the artistic type you can stay back at home, draw some sketches or try to pencil down a picture. Or you can simply play with colours. Throw them onto that white sheet and you might see it as a mess in the beginning, but at the end of the day you just might be surprised to know that you have the talent and end up feeling great and relieved. Painting is a great pastime for many people who do not consider themselves artists. While it may not seem like your thing, you should definitely give it a try (you never know when you might stumble upon your next new hobby).

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Cook and Bake New Things

When you hear your friends and family cooking, they are actually usually having fun. Nothing can be as fun as cooking when you are home alone and bored. Try experimenting with different recipes, cook something new or bake either something new or a treat that you have always wanted to try. Maybe you want to surprise that special someone with some good food and wine (or perhaps their favourite cheesecake). Soon, you might realise that you are no longer a victim of boredom. Its actually fun, believe it! Some of the best bakers and chefs simply began baking at home, watching videos and looking up different recipes. The best part? You get to eat something because of your hard work!

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Movie Marathon

We all have that long list of movies that we mean to watch but simply never get around to it. If not, streaming services always have suggested titles for us so that we never run out of options. Call some friends over and finish that list! Gather your favourite snacks in the world to eat and have a movie marathon that you will never forget (the most fun ones are movie marathons). You will have a night that you will never forget

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Have your own ideas that we didn’t think of? Feel free to comment and share!

Written by Sarita Dhaka

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