The Most Awesome Food Tours to Satisfy your Craving

July 9, 2016

If you are obsessed with different foods and want to sample the best that the world has to offer you while travelling, look no further because we bring you the best food tours that you have to try:


Being the world’s most multicultural city, there is literally not a single type of food that you can’t get in Toronto, which is one of the largest in North America. Here are some food tours that you have to try if you have the chance during your stay:

Kensington Krawl Food Tour: At Kensington Market, eat your way through a neighborhood adored by foodies. Included in this tour is history and heritage lessons and the chance to meet local chefs. 6 food and drink tastings are included.

Italian Food Tour of Toronto: Little Italy is one of the most authentically Italian places in the world that is not actually in Italy. On this tour, sample some of the best Italian food. Every food place toured on this tour is over 100 years old! What you get: 4 course lunch on the go!

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Los Angeles

Los Angles is considered a hotspot for foodies. You probably should go just for the food, and the food tours don’t disappoint:

Coffee Tour of DTLA: LA has become known as a city obsessed with coffee, constantly innovating the coffee game to keep them ahead. There are coffee tours held pretty regularly in downtown LA. Coffee and food is usually included, and tastings are done on the go (sidewalk tastings, or inside the coffee shops).

Pizza Tour of Beverly Hills: Amazing pizzerias can be found everywhere in LA, inspiring the creation of this food tour which allows you to try some of the best pizza in the city. If you happen to be in LA and are hungry, check to see if this is going on!

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London is known for some pretty awesome eats, and they do not skip out when it comes to making an experience for hungry tourists:

Secret Indian Food Tour: Happening regularly, this Indian food tour gives you a taste of London’s amazing Indian food scene, taking you to sample food from the Indian subcontinent (Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh). You will be taken through the Brick Lane area of London (which is very famous). You will get the chance to sample curries (traditional and non-traditional) which are usually served with naan bread and Indian beers.

Chocolate Tour of London: What other country is as well known for chocolate as England, right? During this your, you will visit the dessert boutiques in London and sample the best chocolates from the best chocolatiers. You will also get a great history lesson of chocolate in London (which is a very rich history).

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Written by Kent Austin

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