Finally! A Travel List for your Girls Weekend in Quebec

July 10, 2016

Quebec is the best place to be for young people who want to have fun on a budget. It is a great place for nightlife, food and has a rich history for anyone interested in that. Here are some things to do:

Old Quebec

This historic neighbourhood will make you feel like you are in Europe and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Stroll through the historic streets and check out any of these amazing places: Parc Ulric-Joseph-Tessier, Saint-Vallier Est Street Saint-Pierre Street.

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Citadelle of Quebec

One of Canada’s national heritage sites, this fortress is the oldest building of military association in the country. The fort itself is stunning, with so much greenery and old residences. Take a tour of the outside areas, or maybe the residences, which will make you feel like you have stepped back in time.

Musée de la civilisation

This museum located in Old Quebec has some interesting exhibits, usually pertaining to humanities. The hottest exhibitions right now are “This is our Story” which looks back at aboriginal societies in Canada and “The Rediscovered Colony” which explores the relatively unknown establishments of the first French colonies in the Americas. Many virtual reality exhibits are also held here.

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Montmorency Falls

Who needs Niagara Falls? This waterfall in Quebec City has so many ways to view it including staircases, a suspension bridge over the crest and an aerial tram that carries passengers (what a view!). The falls gives off a legendary yellow hue in the simmer. Visitors love to come in the winter to see the massive snow bank that forms at the base.

Impasto Restaurant

This pizzeria in downtown Montreal is great for young people looking for a bite to eat. If you want simple Italian food that’s authentic (we mean it, the chef is from Italy) then head here for their pasta, antipasto or their amazing dessert (the Chocolate Caramel Flan is awesome).

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Patati Patata

This spot in Montreal is perfect for when you are craving a burger, without having to pay much. The best poutine in Montreal can be found here (which is a bold claim as Quebec is the birthplace of poutine) and the burgers satisfy anyone.

Joe Beef Restaurant

This vintage style restaurant is known for having a menu that is amazing for meat lovers. Serving interesting foods like rabbit and more traditional pastas and steak (people love the lobster pasta), there really is something for everyone. This place is just a short walk from the famous Atwater Market, which tourists love.

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Atwater Market

This iconic market offers butchers, local produce and a restaurant. Young visitors flock to his market to get a taste of local foods and to indulge in the many desserts offered here.

Aquarium du Québec

This famous aquarium has more than 300 species of animals (wow!) including fish, reptiles, marine animals, amphibians and invertebrates. Attend the meals of fascinating polar bears and walruses. This is a huge attraction, covering 16 hectares, so spend the day and have a picnic!

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Written by Kent Austin

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