Cool Places to Live: Muji Huts

June 5, 2016

If happiness is simplicity, why live in a big house after all? Japanese minimalist retailer Muji will launch a line of prefab lightweight micro-homes, Muji Huts, in 2017. The models of wood, aluminum, and cork are definitely cool living spaces that are eco-friendly and quaint!


 Wooden Hut

The wooden hut will be the first to hit the market. Made mainly of timber with a pitched roof and floor to ceiling windows it features a small cot, a wood-burning stove and a small kitchenette. The main highlight is the bathroom that includes a large Japanese-style square tub. Surrounding blinds provide privacy for bathers.

Aluminium Hut

The Aluminium hut has a small footprint of just 106 square feet. The exterior is made from aluminum and wood, and the interior is a loft style with a sleeping area on the second floor and an open empty space downstairs. A semi-transparent shoji-style sliding door allows filtered sunlight into the space.

Cork Hut

The cork hut features dark brown cork cladding, a timber porch, and a sloped roof. Sliding glass doors, tatami mats, and a row of clerestory windows will be found in this type of hut. A small kitchenette equipped with a sink, wooden countertop, wood-burning stove and a dining area/nook is also inside.

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