4 Amazing Road Trip Destinations

June 4, 2016

There are so many different things to do in America this summer. Here are awesome places to visit if you are road tripping!


Portland, Maine

Portland is one of the best places to eat in America. Many restaurants are committed to locally sourced food and the city is renowned for the quality of its dishes. Make sure to try some fresh, local lobster or find somewhere with Italian sandwiches (Portland is famous for them). Countless breweries can also be found, if that is your thing. Visit the historic Old Port district for its amazing nightlife. Filled with boutiques, bars and places to eat, the cobblestone streets and historic architecture will leave you breathless and hungry. Portland is just a 5 hour drive from New York City, making it ideal for any road trip.

Nashville, Tennessee

This is the place to be for lovers of live music, especially country music (most tourists see a show at the Grand Ole Opry). If you’re a history buff, consider visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. Barbeque lovers, rejoice! Nashville is renowned for its barbeque food. Visit Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint (featured on Food Network Television!) for a “Redneck Taco” or try Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q for a filling meal made from scratch!


This is the place to go for nature lovers looking for beautiful scenery.  Deserts, massive canyons, stunning pine forests and mountains are never-ending in this state. Be warned: Prepare for the heat because this state gets pretty hot!

New Orleans, Louisiana

There are plenty of reasons to visit New Orleans besides Mardi Gras which happens in February. If the European style architecture or the fusion of music styles playing isn’t enough for you (Jazz, blues and rock!), the Creole cuisine or the countless bars and nightclubs (most likely playing live music) will make you want to come back.

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Written by Kent Austin

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