3 Marvelous Sushi Spots in San Francisco

June 3, 2016

San Francisco: A city for sushi lovers no doubt. While so many places are worthy of a mention, here are some of the highlights for sushi lovers in San Fran:

Akiko’s Restaurant

It takes some serious culinary talent to master the menu of this restaurant, which changes daily to accommodate their commitment to using fresh, local ingredients sourced from local purveyors and fish markets. No detail is spared at this restaurant. The rustic earth tones and the boutique style of this charming restaurant provide a great atmosphere for any diner.

Zushi Puzzle

If you’re looking for a more exotic fish selection, let the renowned Roger Chong make you a dish at this popular sushi spot. While this restaurant does not try to create an ambiance with its décor like other spots in the city, Chong’s uniquely prepared dishes are more than enough to make sure that guests are not disappointed. Chong believes in maximising the full potential of what sushi can really be, and dishes like Killer Salmon and his Sashimi live up to this promise.

Tekka Japanese Restaurant

Known for its quaint and authentic Japanese cuisine, this extremely popular hole in the wall is run by a Japanese couple who take their craft seriously. The fact that customers wait hours in line to be able to eat at this small, 11 seat restaurant is no surprise as the fish is raved for its level of freshness. With a limited menu and a limited capacity per night, we recommend that you arrive early and prepared (read ahead!)

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Written by Kent Austin from chillwall.com

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