Toronto’s Coolest Cafés

May 2, 2016

Nestled in Toronto’s diverse and exciting dining scene lie some of the most interesting cafés. Visit any of these neat establishments and find friends who share similar interests to you!

Snakes and Lattes

This is the place to be for anyone with a board game fetish. Enjoy their vast collection of board games accompanied by a selection from their amazing drink menu prepared by talented baristas. Events, including tournaments, are held regularly at both of their locations (visit for details).

Tip: Arrive earlier than planned and get on the waiting list, as there is usually a line and they do not take reservations.

Tot the Cat Café

Cat lover? Head to Tot the Cat Café and enjoy a delicious beverage while dining with one of their many cats! The café is partnered with the Toronto Humane Society in order to help their many cats find homes. Come for a beverage, and perhaps leave with a new friend!

Balzac’s Distillery District

Located in the historic looking Distillery District, Balzac’s is built in a former 1895 pump house. Step back in time and enjoy their vast selection of coffee and espresso drinks while dining in the beautiful, exposed brick interior.

The Coffee Lab

Toronto’s smallest and probably most interesting café is The Coffee lab. Occupying only 52 square feet inside of the book store Willow Books, coffee paraphernalia can be seen sitting in test tubes and vials. A treat for those who truly appreciate the art (or science?) of good coffee.

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