Exploring Canada in Summer

May 3, 2016

Written by Sarita Dhaka from chillwall.com


No matter what part of world you are in, there is always something which you haven’t explored yet. Canada invites you to feel light this summer, so just jump in your car but before that, discover my major suggestions for the summertime.

Go Green, to experience Green
You can ride that bike of yours and encounter all that natural and scenic beauty of the Ontario Lake while riding on your two wheels.

Get excited at the summer beer festival

Toronto follows this trend, called ‘Craft beer festival.’ You really need to tour at least one of the nine beer festivals happening this summer. Some huge number of people from across the globe, arrive to cherish this festival, and who knows you might make some good friends.

Hop onto the train
This is for the travel lovers, who often get confused of what to do and where to go this summer. Well, you can get into the most famous long distance journey ever. A one-way trip from Vancouver to Toronto that takes about four days and thrills as we see the rocky-mountains, green grass and beautiful, colourful flowers.

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