Best Places For A Coffee Date In Toronto

April 14, 2016


It can get pretty cold in Toronto and coffee can really warm you and your date up. Here are some of the top places to go on fun coffee dates.

Snakes and Lattes 

This is an amazing board game cafe. You and your date will not be bored. With so many games to choose from, you will really have fun together. They also serve some great coffee and food.

De Mello Palheta

If you love great coffee, then De Mello Palheta is the place for you. This place started in 2013 and has been seen as one of Toronto’s most unique places to taste great brewed coffee. They got many interesting varities of coffee and a great selection of food.

Rooster Coffee House

This amazing coffee house has also an amazing patio. Sit out in the sun and sip on some of the best coffee the six has to offer. Fun place with a relaxed atmosphere. Give it a try.

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