Best Gaming Locations in Vancouver

April 13, 2016

Written by Shirley Li from


Ready to have some fun? Whether you’re a board game geek, or an intense console gamer, you’re still a gamer! Let’s check out some gaming places, shall we?


Do you enjoy being challenged mentally? Are puzzles your kind of thing? Check out E-Exit for some amazing room puzzles! Try to escape the room that you’ve been placed in. Don’t panic! Just relax and try your best. It’s all for fun anyway.

Drexoll Games

Enjoy board games? Drexoll Games has got you covered! Play all the old classics like Chess and Checkers, or try something new and different. There’s something for everyone!

Starlit Citadel

Do you love your board games? After checking out Drexoll Games, then go over to Starlit Citadel for more! They have merchandise such as t-shirts, and they even do board game reviews!

Have all the gaming locations got you all fired up? Hop on over to for gaming related events!

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