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top 6 yoga spots in canada

Top 6 Yoga Spots In Canada

June 19, 2019
Yoga spots

There a lot of Yoga spots in Canada because there are a lot of nature places to do your Yoga classes. To practice Yoga you need quite and beautiful place so you can relax and get the full benefit of it.  the nature of these spots help you feel good and relax while practicing Yoga. here are the Top 6 Yoga Spots you must visit to practice the perfect Yoga. Waterfall at Niagara Falls View this post on Instagram Tag someone…

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6 Proven Ways To Recharge Your Mind Now

February 6, 2020
recharge your mind,

Are you totally drained out and need to recharge your mind? Be it physical work or sitting on a chair with your hands, eyes, and brain on computer all day, it requires energy. Workplace is getting more demanding, leading to less time for family and fun. In such a situation, feeling of being worn out is normal. Besides workplace, stress is all around us. Stress has many faces, and creeps into our lives from many directions. No matter what causes…

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Smart Tips to Help You Do Yoga on Your Terms

September 25, 2019
Yoga Discovery

If you’re just starting yoga or have simply gotten out of practice, it’s time to give yourself permission to let go. Let go of your fears and doubts, and then let go of your excuses. Doing yoga is a benefit to both your mind and your body, and you don’t have to fit into any societal mold to do it. Here are some tips, tools, and apps to get you back on the mat. Carry a Hand Towel It seems…

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Top 7 Yoga Influencers on Instagram

May 11, 2018
yoga influencers

We’ve assembled a list of the 7 Instagram yoga influencers from all over the world that you need to be following to help inspire you to be the best yogi you can be. Whether you’re looking for how-to videos, inspirational posts, or simply just your next yoga goal – why wouldn’t you turn to Instagram to find the motivation to best the best yogi you can be? @adrienelouise You have everything you need. What if that were true? I believe…

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