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May 11, 2018
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We’ve assembled a list of the 7 Instagram yoga influencers from all over the world that you need to be following to help inspire you to be the best yogi you can be. Whether you’re looking for how-to videos, inspirational posts, or simply just your next yoga goal – why wouldn’t you turn to Instagram to find the motivation to best the best yogi you can be?


You have everything you need. What if that were true? I believe it is. I believe that recognizing that you have everything you need is paramount in living a life where you respect yourself. And since we are reflections of one another (remember last week, WE ARE THE WORLD?!) then it seems extremely important that we move toward confidently expressing… I RESPECT MYSELF. Say it loud. Or whisper it sexy like. But dial it in, my friend. Connect… And remember to do nice things for your self… Your whole self. As regularly as possible. I got your back! NEW Yoga For Self Respect is up! 20 minutes. Oh and will it fly by, darling. We are at our best and can be of service to others and when we are in alignment with who we truly are. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hop into something comfy and add something a lil EXTRA for this one. 😉 link in bio. + fresh love letter in your box with your free MAY yoga calendar. #yogawithadriene #findwhatfeelsgood #ywarespect 🌕

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Adriene has become one of the internet’s most popular yoga influencers – with good reason. Whether you’re new to the practice or an experienced yogi, Yoga With Adriene is an invaluable resource for everyone. Consistently reminding you to “find what feels good”, Adriene’s genuine guidance makes even the toughest practice seem fun. Though her channel is meant to help you through your at home practice, if you happen to find yourself in Austin, Texas be sure to creep her instagram to find out where she’s teaching that day! Find yoga classes and more Events in Austin !


Next on our list of yoga influencers is Cassandra Justine, whose instagram is goals in every way. Her bright posts are stunning and any flow she posts will undoubtedly make you think “how does she do it?!”. Though based out of Chicago, Cass and her partner are constantly on the move – providing incredible backdrops for their short sequence videos. Cass’ flows are always dreamy and effortless, and her constant positive vibes are sure to brighten up your feed – and your day.


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All you need to know about Laura Sykora is that she is the definition of inspiration. We’re not sure what’s more stunning – her feed’s aesthetic or the incredible poses Laura is able to demonstrate. Proud mom and inversion expert, Laura’s posts frequently include her daughter (who is shaping up to be quite the yogi herself) and their hilarious dog Thor.  If you’re looking to up your yoga game and need the inspo to do so – Laura is one of the yoga influencers you need to follow.


I stopped dancing 7 years ago. I was in university for dance. It was incredible and horrible all at once. My teachers were amazing, and nothing can compare to spending your days telling stories and expressing yourself with your entire body. But it brought so much darkness out in me. After only a few months I hated myself and my body. I felt like the worlds biggest failure every day, every class. I remember crying a lot. I remember when I announced I was dropping out, there was such pure shock on the faces of the faculty. I remember feeling numb. I remember feeling disgusted with myself for wasting so much of my teachers time. The next day I went to a class with a company I had worked with before, and I felt as if I was flying across the floor with a new grace and strength. I felt pure freedom. I smiled so much my face hurt. And after the class I said to myself, " I am done. That was such a beautiful, uplifting experience. I want to remember dance like that." I have never been to another dance class since then. I got rid of all my dancing clothes and shoes. There is an incredible softness that dance can pull out of you. It can humble you one moment, and make you feel like a supernatural being the next. And it can bring you face to face with your own darkness. There is nothing that can compare to dance. Dance is like fire and water- it pulls you in because its mesmerising. It has the ability to burn you and heal you. In many ways yoga saved me from dance. Yoga has been my anchor, yoga is my earth and air. It feeds, nurtures and tempers the fire and water that dance created in me… but I would be lying if I said that I never felt the tug to return to dance. Thank you @actionhiro for the beautiful photo ❤❤❤

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Toronto born and Melbourne based, Duncan’s online practice is full of fun and motivation. Duncan is one of our yoga influencers you need to follow if you’re looking for inspirational quotes, beautifully written captions and engaging images. Whether you’re a beginner or long time yogi, Duncan’s posts will certainly provide you with some food for thought when it comes to your practice. If you’re lucky enough to be in Melbourne, be sure to check out one of Duncan’s classes.


Lotus – something I don't practice often. I just feel like it is a pose that isn't great for my knees long term, so I will practice it here and there and when my hips are very open. First time I have ever tried this transition – lifting up, moving into headstand and back into lotus crow with a jump back. Such a great challenge – you can see it takes me a couple attempts to lift up 🙈🙈 haha. I thought about trying it again to make the lift into crow smoother, but let go of my ego and my need for "perfection". So here's my video in real time and my challenge to lift haha. 💜💜💜 ps. Wore socks as a little cheat to my jump back – if you are just learning, it's a great way to start building strength and muscle memory for it (or if you are nervous to try).

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Melissa Lee is another Canadian one of our yoga influencers whose posts we can’t stop liking. Followers love Melissa for her scenic backgrounds and awesome yoga style. What is so refreshing about Melissa’s online practice is her willingness to show the process. Though definitely an advanced yogi, Melissa isn’t afraid to share what a challenge her practice can be sometimes. It’s refreshing to know that even our favourite influencers fall sometimes too! If you happen to around British Columbia, be sure to check out one of Melissa’s classes and more Events in Vancouver.


Kathryn Budig is one of the most well established yoga influencers on our list. Yogi, author, and foodie – Kathryn does it all. She can frequently be found travelling around the United States teaching various yoga and lifestyle workshops. Kathryn’s authentic online presence is key to anyone looking for motivation for their home practice, and the genuine insights she provides into her day to day life make her followers feel like she’s a close friend.


Caitlin Turner is a personal favourite of ours, if only for the gorgeous settings her posts take place in. True to her name, @gypsetgoddess can almost always be found practicing sun salutations in beautiful locales around the world. This yoga influencer will not only motivate your practice, she’ll fuel your wanderlust as well. For anyone looking for fitness or travel inspiration – add Caitlin to the list of yoga influencers you need to follow.

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