Top 5 Fitness Instagram Influencers

May 8, 2018
fitness Instagram influencers

Are you looking for fitness trainer for this summer? don’t go anywhere just open your Instagram and start to follow fitness Instagram influencers. They have a lot of tips and hints to help you build your body, and some of them share training sessions videos on Instagram. to help you find your fitness influencer here are the top 5 fitness Instagram influencers that you need to follow.

Ashley Borden

Ashley Borden from Los Angeles is one of the famous fitness Instagram influencers. She have over 35,000 Hours of training experience. Ashley has ability to customize her training system for each person so that why she has famous clients like Christina Aguilera, Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore and Ryan Gosling. Ashley is  a big fan of the “Rolling Out” technique, using a foam roller or PVC pipe to tone your body muscles, and her Instagram account is full of helpful photos and videos of rolling out quads and bar biceps and triceps exercises. Discover sport and fitness events in Los Angeles.

Jen Sinkler

fitness editor and editorial director of fitness, Jen is one of the top fitness Instagram influencers. She is a fitness writer now for a number of national magazines. Also, she own a gym with her husband and she training some clients too. Jen like to spread information about fitness to give advises to people how they can get fit. Jen is not just a writer or normal trainer, she is Olympic lifting coach through USA Weightlifting. Also hold coaching certifications through Onnit Academy, Primal Move, Progressive Calisthenics, TACFIT, CrossFit and DVRT. Follow her and begin your fitness training.

Tracy Anderson

Tracy is one of the fabulous fitness Instagram influencers that you need to follow. After moving to New York City on a dance scholarship when she was 18, Tracy gained 40 pounds, which she could not shake from her 5’ frame. but trained so hard to get fit and now she is professional dancer and great fitness trainer. She Also became a trainer for a lot of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller, Robert Downey Jr, Sally Pressman, Michelle Rodriguez, Hilary Rhoda, Jenni Konner, and Abigail Breslin.

Jen Selter

fitness Instagram influencers

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If you want a fantastic, toned bum this is the only place to go. Jen Selter is one of the best fitness Instagram influencers Joined in her way into the Instagram community, with a never-ending stream of photos of her awesome derrière. She has clocked up 3.5million followers with her unique take on bum selfies, and while they can’t all be there for the fitness ideas, there are plenty of tips on glute bridges, hip thrusts and other ways of getting a perfectly toned behind.

Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette Jenkins is one of the top fitness Instagram influencers in Canada and the founder and president of the Hollywood Trainer fitness company. Also she is trainer for great celebrities such as P!nk, Alicia Keys, Tia Mowry, Amber Rose, Tracee Ellis Ross, Nia Long, Kelly Rowland, and Serena Williams. She studied Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa and has earned over 18 international certifications covering nutrition and various methods of training. in 2016 she organized the NYC Marathon to raise funds for “Keep A Child Alive” a non-profit organization co-founded by her client Alicia Keys to provide health care, medicine and support to children and families affected by HIV. Check more events in Ottawa.

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