Best Winter Beach Retreats in the US

December 11, 2021
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Snow angels are a lot of fun, and flinging the occasional snowball never ceases to tug at those numerous muscles responsible for smiling. Winter can be charming, romantic, and, for many, magical. The crisp air, the crunching of snow, the smells of mulled wine and cinnamon intermingling in the air. Winter has a lot to offer, except, you know, warmth. As wonderful as it is, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could just put the cold weather on pause? Since you’re reading this article, this is probably something you’ve thought about! If finances are looking a little tight, there are many smart ways to fund your vacation, so don’t worry. There are golden beaches just waiting for you to arrive. Can you hear the waves whispering warm welcomes? Let’s take a leisurely look at the best winter beach retreats in the US and earmark potential destinations.

Ice on a seashore

You won’t be seeing this sight on our list of the best winter beach retreats in the US.

California Knows How to Party

We open up our list with Laguna Beach. Yes, the coastline is what it is famous for, but this destination has so much more to offer. You can’t go wrong here, from the Laguna Art Museum to exquisite shopping destinations and fine wining and dining. Apart from the sun, you could also engage in stargazing – check out these celebrity hotspots to increase your chances of running into a celebrity. Weather-wise, it wouldn’t be on the list if the temperatures were not pleasant, even during January.

Time to Head Over to the Other Coast

No list could be complete without Florida and its beaches. Palm Beach might be the go-to one when talking about hedonism. From renowned restaurants, beautiful beaches to mansions that define the term ‘lap of luxury’, there is little wonder left as to why it is so well-known. 

If that’s not to your fancy, what about St. Pete beach? This 35-mile stretch doesn’t care what season it is. Here, the sun shines almost all year round. And if golden beaches sound like a bit of a cliché, its white sands will be a special treat for you! 

None of the above tickles your fancy? What about Sanibel Island, then? Here, it’s all about the sea. If you don’t care about fancy mansions, posh restaurants, and the like, this island will spoil you for choice when it comes to beaches. And, of course, there are a lot more amazing things to do in Miami itself, so be sure to check it out too!


Time to move on to something a little more exotic. Is there anything we can say about Hawaii that you have not already heard? There is a reason it is so popular, and it really does live up to expectations. What could be more helpful is to give you a nifty little breakdown of potential destinations you could visit. With eight main islands on offer, it’s not a question of whether you should go, but what to visit first:


  • Kauai – Time to swap out that snowboard for a surfboard and those skiing goggles for a snorkel cause there are water activities galore on offer. If that is not your thing, hiking is an attractive option too. Whatever your poison, the temperature will be to everybody’s liking.
  • Maui – You know about the stunning sunsets, beaches, and jaw-dropping scenery. But did you know, with a bit of luck and some snorkeling gear, during the winter, you might catch a whale’s song? Neat, right? We wouldn’t be surprised if you decide to move to Hawaii once you see what it has to offer! You can find advice at for just that.
  • Kaua’i – This one is not as well known. That’s why we had to include it on this list of the best winter beach retreats in the US. It is not exactly off the beaten path, as it’s still Hawaii, but if you’re looking for something a little less known yet still breath-taking, well then, you’re welcome!


A person holding a phone, taking a picture of the waves

Send this picture to your friends back home – they’ll be extra pleased for you and not jealous in the slightest!

Untouched Beauty

Time for something that not everybody knows about. South Carolina hides a little gem called Edisto Island. Love nature? You’ll love it there then! The prices are easy on the wallet; there are plenty of activities to partake in, and did we mention nature? No, you won’t find massive hotel complexes blocking your view here. What you will find is something rare. Relatively untouched beaches. Now isn’t that something?


Palm trees during a beautiful sunset

No real need for a caption. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Orange is the New Golden

Yes, I am talking about Orange Beach, Alabama. A soul-warming mix of beaches, good restaurants, shopping, and amenities you’d hope to find at such a location. They have dolphins to boot! The locals will tell you they have the best beaches in the country. Although locals all over the world are known for such boasts, in this case, they may have a point.

Paradise for Two

I say two, but it depends on how many people will be accompanying you on your trip. The point remains the same, Grand Isle, Louisiana, is a cozy town nestled a short two-hour drive from New Orleans. It has plenty of guests in the summer. In the winter, it’s practically all yours. Whether this is a plus or minus depends on personal taste.

New Travel Experiences

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When It Rains, It Pours, and When It Snows, It Shines

Just because winter is here, it doesn’t mean the summer is gone. You simply have to know where to look. It’s pretty handy that there is a whole article dealing with the best winter beach retreats in the US just above, now isn’t it?

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