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May 5, 2020
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This short spanned season of cherry blossom is enough to turn the spots pink and attract thousands of visitors each year. Out of many, we’ve handpicked the world’s best cheery blossom sites for you to check out and take virtual tours.

Tokyo, Japan

This is a popular tourist spot spanning about 4km in length. Cherry blossoms can be found on both sides of Meguro river. The cafes and shops along the river while admiring the flowers add to the beauty of this place. At night, the water gets lit up by the paper lanterns alongside the river, creating an almost a worldly ambiance. Take a virtual tour here.

New York City

Although you will see the whole city in pink from the bird’s eye view, the real show is at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. The Garden is closed, but the cherries are blooming. During April and May, visitors to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden will first see the blooming of the spectacular cherry trees. It also hosts a weekend long celebration for the Japanese cherry blossom and Japanese culture. If its still not enough for you to visit New York, check the New York City Events.

Bonn, Germany

These extra-vibrant cherry trees arch over the roadways to create tunnels of blooms. Even if you arrive late in the season, those beautiful pink petals welcome you spreading over old cobblestone streets to make the city look like a fairy tale. The cherry trees, which are native to Japan, were planted in Bonn in 1980.

Jerte Valley, Spain

This one is completely different from the ones you have been seeing or expecting. Gorgeously blanketed by the cherry blossoms, the mountains look like snow-capped from the arial view.  So, you can bike or hike your way towards Spain’s Jerte Valley through the bloom, or even paraglide over the whole spectacle.

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Washington DC

The peak bloom period lasts only a few days, and also the period varies each year. Warmer temperatures in the late winter bring the blossoms out earlier. Cooler temperatures push them later. How long the flowers stay around depends on the weather. When you are there, don’t forget to discover the Events in Washington, and add value to your visit.

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