6 Breathtaking Murals in Los Angeles

July 25, 2019
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Breathtaking murals. The Art District in the downtown of Los Angeles is state-of-art buildings covered with numerous murals and street arts. Those murals create an unforgettable mood and beautiful you cannot feel anywhere else. Don’t forget your camera since each painting is better than the previous one.

Here are 6 Breathtaking Murals in Los Angeles:


On the 300 S. Santa Fe Ave. you can find a weirdly beautiful mural near the famous eatery ediBOL.  The main wall is covered with strange, almost melting faces of three men. A creator of this beautiful mural is Annie Preece. People also know her as Love Annie. Also, local artists show their paintings at the street art competition series “Street Art Throwdown.”


If you would ask people in LA who is the most iconic mural painter in Los-Angeles, you most likely hear the answer – Kent Twitchell. For decades he’s been painting all around Los-Angeles. Unfortunately, some of his favorite pieces were erased. That was a case with his original portrait of the artist Ed Ruscha.

But, Kent Twitchell didn’t give up, and he created an updated version of the mural ” Ed Ruscha Monument.”. You can find this piece of art on the side of the American Hotel in the Art District. Moreover, this mural is 30 feet tall, and it’s located among other local buildings.


You can find this adorable piece on the Container Yard of 4th Street. This mural was painted in the fall of 2016 by famous Milan-based artist Raptuz. “Americana” is the name of the composition, which the artist painted in geometric style. Raptuz himself calls this style “broken window futurism.”

Raptuz’s mural combine a cowboy, old lowrider and a lot of palms. Additionally, vivid colors and sharp edges create an exciting effect that looks like a mirage. By the way, the artist used a well-known picture, which is commonly used to depict the USA.

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On the edge of the Art District, there’s a colossal 30-acres complex of nine building. Previously there were headquarters of the American Apparel. Now it’s a shopping center called ROW DTLA. Mural LA star RETNA created a huge piece along 7th Street. So, the painting covers former American Apparel’s HQ with some additional buildings. This piece is so huge, you can even check it from Alameda.

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Hueman’s style comprises from different styles and genres. In addition, she even collaborated with such famous brands like Nike and Nyx. In 2016 she created “Bloom” – a vividly colored piece of art that covers an eastern wall of the Neptune Building near Joel Bloom Square. Moreover, “Bloom” is a tribute to a famous community activist, for whom this square was named.


Santa Fe is a large dining and shopping complex with a contrast of modern buildings among old brick warehouses and plants. That’s why it’s a perfect place for murals and street art. Local artist WRDSMITH, which is known for murals with texts on them painted “Kiss” in the center of the neighborhood at the beginning of February 2018. The main idea is”Kiss the one you love every chance you get.”

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By Mykhailo Andriichuk

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