5 Best Road Trips in the World

April 15, 2019
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A road trip is one of the most amazing things you can experience in your life. There’s nothing better than taking to the open highway in the summer.

Get steeped in history, see some of the world’s most stunning scenery, visit some of the most interesting towns and cities; we’ve put together 5  road trips to inspire you.

So check your oil and tire pressure, and your air conditioning. Here are 5  best, most scenic road trips in the world:

South Island – New Zealand

The best way to see New Zealand is by driving around enjoying its amazing nature.

You can travel South Island two ways, on a bus with the Flying Kiwi which is affordable and a great way to see the all sightseeing, but if you have more time to explore your camper van, that’s when the true road trip began.

Just follow the roads in a circle around the island to explore beautiful nature. New Zealand has a diverse landscape in a very little area.

Ring Road – Iceland

The Ring Road of Iceland circles the entire country offering drivers the chance to explore every nook and cranny.

People normally drive the route in 10 days to 2 weeks, but to really explore Iceland properly you should have more time.

You can camp or stay at hotels along the way.

With magnificent glaciers, mountains, an untamed coastline, and fascinating culture, The Iceland Ring Road is definitely one of the best road trips in the world.

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San Francisco to LA –  National Parks Route

This is the epic American route. Don’t just drive in a straight line from San Francisco to Los Angeles, go everywhere in between.

This road trip takes you through four different states and showcases the best of America’s National Parks and cities.

It takes you through the most rugged and beautiful landscapes of America and you can visit the most exciting cities in the country.

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Cabot Trail – Nova Scotia

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“Is it worth all the hype? Yes. Yes it is. The Cabot Trail that so many have seen on magazine covers or on top 10 of best scenic drives in the world is a true gem. The views are mind-blowing, you will stop at every look-out and let out a wow every 5 minutes. There are hikes all along the trail for everyone, short, flat, long, abrupt – you can get your dose of nature all day long. And for those that love artisans shops there is a Cabot Trail Artisan Map!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! #ExploreCanada 📷: @_thefrenchcanadian 📍: @visitcapebretonisland, @VisitNovaScotia . « Est-ce qu’elle mérite vraiment toute cette attention? Oui! Oh que oui. La piste Cabot, qui apparaît sur tellement de couvertures de magazines et de palmarès des 10 meilleures routes panoramiques du monde, est tout simplement une pure merveille. Les paysages vous couperont le souffle, vous vous arrêterez à chaque point d’observation, et un « ouah! » vous échappera toutes les cinq minutes. En chemin, chacun trouvera des sentiers de randonnée à sa mesure – courts, plats, longs, escarpés –, de quoi faire le plein de nature toute la journée! Et pour les amateurs de boutiques d’artisanat, il existe une carte des artisans de la piste Cabot! » C’est parfait! #ExploreCanada 📷 : @_thefrenchcanadian 📍 : @visitcapebretonisland @visitnovascotia #ExploreCB #VisitNovaScotia

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The Cabot Trail is one of Canada’s Ultimate the most beautiful Highways for a road trip.

Located in Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island, it is filled with sea cliffs, coastal hikes, beaches, and untamed wild nature.

You’ll see moose on the Skyline walk, whales on kayaking and scenic boat trips and amazing sunsets over the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Cowboy Trail – Alberta

If you love getting away from your routine and having a rip-roaring adventure, the Cowboy Trail is for you.

Following the route through Southern Alberta is easy as the road is well-marked and filled with activities and beauty.

From the lunar landscape of the badlands to where the great plains meet the Rocky Mountains, you’ll be driving through the varied landscapes that will take your breath away.

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