Top 5 Outdoor Adventures In Canada

May 25, 2018
outdoor adventures

Summer just came and you want to take your vacation soon. Are you looking for outdoor adventures and suspense activities? where ever you go in Canada you can find a lot of activities, but it’s hard to decide where to go. Don’t worry we choose the best 5 outdoor adventures in Canada, keep reading to choose and discover the best for you.

Surf Lawrencetown Beach in Nova Scotia

Surfing is one of the best outdoor adventures activities for summertime, especially when you go to Lawrencetown beach in Nova Scotia. The beach has one of the best point breaks on the planet, Located just a 20-minute drive northeast from Halifax. Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore gets hit with a perfect southwest swell and its abundance of bays creates these perfect breaks. A good day on Lawrencetown’s points you can ride more than a minute long, particularly during the hurricane season of September. if you like surfing don’t miss the ride here it’s one of the best beaches for surfing. Check more outdoor events near Halifax.

Kayak With Whales in Vancouver

on the northeastern side of Vancouver Island, you can do one of the top outdoor adventures in Canada, Kayaking with Whales. It is likely to be one of the world’s first Whale Heritage Sites. this region has eight species of cetacean and dolphins, it’s amazing to watch these whales and dolphins up close while you are Kayaking. A new program that honours areas that implement and celebrate sustainable whale and dolphin watching, so Vancouver Island has the honour of this program. Discover more adventures events near Vancouver Island for this summer.

Ride Riding Mountain in Manitoba

Climbing the mountain by riding bicycles is one of the greatest outdoor adventures. Did you try it before? if not, just go to Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba. There is a special trail for bicycles to reach the top of the mountain. You can reach up to 756 metres above sea level, that’s why it has become such a desirable place to mountain bike. Riders also can enjoy the fabulous view, but keep an eye out for moose and elk as you pedal, particularly during early morning or an evening. For your information, An easy route is the Lakeshore Trail, or move on to the Wasagaming Bike Trail or the challenging Clear Lake Trail. Enjoy the ride!

Kiteboard in Atlantic Winds

outdoor adventures

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Generally, a trip to Prince Edward Island is all about serenity and relaxation, but not anymore Reliable, strong winds blowing off the Gulf of St. Lawrence combines with wide expanses of ocean and sandy beaches to create one of the best outdoor adventures locales in Canada, kiteboarding. Book a lesson, or bring your gear if you’re initiated, head to the Green Gables Shore on the island’s north edge and get ready to experience the wilder side of Prince Edward Island. Also, you can enjoy the weather there with your family and friends.

Swim with Humpbacks in Newfoundland & Labrador

Are you brave enough for the craziest outdoor adventures? Go to the North Atlantic Ocean because you are going to swim with humpback whales. Don’t forget a wetsuit and snorkel gear, then head out from Petty Harbour, south of St. John’s. The whales are usually easy to find there. Be ready to jump in the water for a closer look and swim with these friendly giants on an experience that’s called “challenge your fears”. this activity just for who have brave heart.

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By Tarek Alkhiami

Tarek writes for Chillwall on fun events near me around the world.

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