Top 4 National Parks in Canada You Have to Visit

March 23, 2019

National parks in Canada are very common in every province. Canada is probably the world’s best destination for nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiast. It’s the only country in the world that can boast a huge number of parks and a variety of different landscapes.

Whether you’re in search of soaring mountain peaks, forests, glistening glacial lakes or stunning coastal scenery, you’ll be met with expansive stretches of pristine nature.

Here are the top 4 national parks in Canada you have to visit:

Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

For what is a relatively small area, Riding Mountain encompasses an astonishing diversity of habitats, flora and fauna. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find such a high concentration and diverse range of wildlife almost anywhere on the planet.

The landscapes are also beautiful encompassing sweeping valleys and towering peaks, along with boreal forest, sparking lakes and fescue prairies. An extensive trail system offers fantastic opportunities for hiking, biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing.

Riding Mountains is an absolute must-see national park in Canada! Don’t miss the opportunity to check it if you’ll be in Manitoba.

Thousand Islands National Park, Ontario

This a splendid island chains stretching on a St. Lawrence River between Kingston and Brockville. This park is one of Canada’s smallest park. It consists of 20 granite islands, several inlets and vast amount of flora and fauna.

In fact, this national park encompasses one of the richest animal population in the province of Ontario. So be careful!

Moreover, you can explore this amazing national park by bike, on foot or even rent a kayak to explore the river and wildlife.

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Banff National Park, Alberta

As Canada’s oldest national park, and the world’s third, Banff is one of the continent’s premier destinations, boasting almost unsurpassed levels of natural beauty with its snow-capped peaks, dense coniferous forests, alpine meadows and pristine lakes.

Every year, millions of visitors make the journey to witness the majestic mountain scenery and indulge in endless opportunities for outdoor pursuits, from hiking, biking and canoeing to backcountry camping

Lake Louise is a picture-perfect destination, people say it’s a crown jewel of the Canadian Rockies. Whilst you certainly won’t be alone here, the sheer majesty of the setting, encompassing turquoise waters, towering mountains and a stately chateau, is simply hard to beat.

By the way, Banff is situated 150 miles from Calgary.

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Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia

Situated along Vancouver Island’s western shoreline, the Pacific Rim embodies rugged, unspoiled Canadian wilderness at its very best.

Brave some of the country’s wildest surf at Long Beach, spot migrating humpback whales whilst hiking a coastal trail, or make your way to the spectacular Barkley Sound. Moreover, you can kayak in crystal clear waters past countless islands, inlets and secluded bays. This is one of the best national parks in Canada.

The entire park is a hiker’s paradise with miles of sandy beaches, thriving old-growth forests and jaw-dropping coastal vistas. Tackle the epic 47-mile West Coast Trail, or opt for any number of shorter circuits, such as the spectacular Wild Pacific Trail along the Ucluelet peninsula.

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